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As proud affiliates for some of the resources/tools shown or listed on the website, I/we at {Titus Media Solutions} earn a commission when you click a link for a solution/resource or gadget and make a qualifying purchase. It is, however, at no extra cost to you, and in some cases provides you with a discount. Recommendations are made based on experience and/or knowledge of these products, and I/we recommend them because of their usefulness. The small commissions I/we may receive are not the reason “Why” Titus Media Solutions, LLC exists. Our goal is to provide you value as you make some of life’s many decisions.

Please do not make any purchases unless you believe in the value they will provide you towards achieving your goals. I/we also recommend that you conduct your due diligence before making any purchase – as you are the concierge of your journey. AD

As a small business owner, “being a graphic design expert” probably wasn’t what you signed up for. takes this process off your hands, giving you incredible wallet-opening ad creatives. Logo

Pictory’s powerful AI enables you to create and edit professional quality videos using text, with no technical skills required or software to download.

Save time, increase your visibility and boost your brand.

Etch Encoder - A Solution By Titus Media Solutions

Etch Encoder

A unique quick response QR Code generation software. It allows you to easily create simple, customizable, and trackable advanced QR codes.




Your Complete Lead Magnet Solution

A range of tools to help you create, publish and collect lead magnets for an evergreen strategy.

Create professional lead magnets, opt-in forms, and libraries of gated content.

11Sight Logo


11Sight provides an inbound video call and customer engagement platform designed to reduce the distance between prospects, customers, and businesses to one click.

Elevated Agent Logo

Elevated Agent

Helping real estate agents bring their visions to life through design and marketing so that they can build profitable and intentional businesses.

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🎯Streamline your workflow

🎯Hire the best freelancers.

Our content creation platform gives you the talent, tools, and training needed to scale content marketing, grow your business or agency, and master content marketing to win online.

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Beyond no-code integration

While we called ourselves a no-code integration tool, our customers worldwide use our platform to do everything— from building e-commerce apps and custom CRMs to automating entire end-to-end business processes.

Warm Welcome

A simple and powerful interactive video platform that gives you the ability to send video emails, video chat, connect with your clients in real-time on your website or through a recorded video bubble, and a whole lot more.


An all-in-one editor that makes editing as easy as creating a text document. Upload media or record directly in Descript to instantly transcribe your files.


A platform that helps you find high-performing, searchable video topics, and it helps you to craft the perfect titles, descriptions, and tags – making your videos shine.


It automatically creates unique micro-content from your blog posts and automatically schedules postings across multiple social profiles. It also allows your content to be shared by other creators, further extending the reach of your blog content.

Featured Images in RSS

Ensure your well-developed content is transferred as you planned through your RSS Feed. The plug-in transfers your featured photos from posts, custom post types, and products to the WordPress RSS feed.


Fiverr connects entrepreneurs to experts to help them get every great idea done. Don’t spend hours on a $5.00 task when you could be making $45.00/hour during that same timeframe working on income-producing tasks instead.

A modern scheduling platform that makes “finding time” a breeze. Allow your clients a way to schedule time with you that works with their schedule without all of the back and forth.

When connecting is easy, you and your team can get more done.

A tool for creating online quizzes that generate leads, segment your audience, and drive traffic to your website.


Automate interactive conversations in Instagram Direct Messages, Facebook Messenger, and SMS to grow your brand.


A Web Hosting Platform · Crafted for Easy Website Management · Tools and Services for Seamless Site Building · Powered by Google Cloud 

School of Bots

The Premiere chatbot training team. Their Chatbot Marketing Accelerator is the leading program for building chatbot marketing skills, and building an agency to serve clients.

The perfect AI Writer. You can save tons of wasted time from writer’s block. This bot can help you cut through the fog and get those blogs created.

– get those blogs – DONE

Is an easy-to-use business plan software. A simple, flexible tool that helps grow your business faster through Plans, Strategies, Forecasting, and Collaboration.


Use Spoke’s app to record and highlight any Zoom or Microsoft Teams meeting in the cloud.

Easily create social media “Golden Nuggets” from client testimonials, how-to sessions.

Best of all – it enables you to record any application on your computer.

What do ADA and WCAG Laws Mean For Your Business?

Help make the entire internet accessible to people with disabilities by 2025.

This automation software is for the first time ever a practical, attainable way to make true accessibility a reality and not just a distant dream.

An all-in-one tool to help you build quality links and get traffic to your website. In just a few minutes, you can: Find relevant outreach opportunities, get contacts and email addresses, and build and send personalized outreach email campaigns.


A graphic design platform used to create social media graphics, presentations, posters, documents, and other visual content.

Best of all you can capture sparks of inspiration on the go using the accompanying app. 


A spreadsheet-database hybrid, with the features of a database but applied to a spreadsheet.

You can create workflows or projects for your team that automatically generates the necessary tasks to track the various stages of your clients in the buying or selling process.

Social Bluebook

Calculate your value as an influencer, track your growth and start making money. Learn the ins and outs of influencer marketing from top-tier content creators.

Create unique experiences with interactive images, catalogues and videos. Create direct links from your video guiding prospective clients, buyers, and colleagues directly to your site.

The perfect blend of content and technology, using artificial intelligence to create highly relevant content based on your input – within seconds!

SEO, Marketing Copy, Product Descriptions Blog Topics, and more.


A platform that allows you to create personalized content like high converting calculators, viral quizzes, recommendations, forms, surveys, chatbots, polls, and assessments. These add real value, and enable new levels of customer engagement .


A cloud-based cookie consent solution for websites to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and ePrivacy Directive (ePD).
You can also manage your cookie consents and script blocking all in one place, making CookieYes an all-in-one solution for GDPR cookie compliance.

Keeping Current Matters

The most shared blog in the Real Estate business. I’ve been a member for some time now and they’ve got some of the best content in the industry: buyer/seller guides, infographics, blog posts, monthly reports, and so much more.

Let me know when you sign up!