Should You Hire a Social Media Manager for Your Brand?

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Posted On 4 May, 2022

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Do you feel like there’s not enough hours in the day?

Almost every business today has a social media presence, and real estate is no exception. Social media is a powerful tool for real estate agents to build relationships with potential clients and create brand awareness. However, managing a social media campaign can be time-consuming, and it is easy to neglect and miss out on some valuable opportunities – if you’re “busy” performing “real estate” tasks.

Social Media

So, do you feel like you don’t have enough hours in the day to manage your social media accounts? Are you barely able to keep up with the latest trends that will keep your brand engaged with your followers? You may need to consider hiring a social media manager

Do you dare to let go of some responsibilities and give up a bit of control? One might think that being “hands-off” is a no, no when dealing with social media marketing. However, one can actually exert more control by delegating certain tasks, jobs, or duties to another human being; especially if the said task involves your social media presence or reputation on the internet. It is HIGHLY advised for real estate agents, especially those who are new to the world of owning their own company to outsource specific tasks to subject matter experts – partners of sorts to keep business moving forward.

A Social Media Manager Will Save You Precious Time

Saving precious time is likely the number one reason so many companies hire social media managers to help out with their content. A social media manager can truly come in handy, and as a real estate agent, you are no exception to that rule!

As an agent, you have a lot of “requirements” eating away at your time. All of those “requirements” including social media might make you feel overwhelmed from time to time. There is no way on earth you will be successful just sitting in the office tweeting or making Facebook posts about your services, and you don’t want to spend so much time on social media that it begins to feel like work, which of course it is not!

Relieving stress might be the only reason you need to hire a social media manager to undertake online branding and marketing so that you can attend to everything else that needs to be done.

A Social Media Manager Helps to Acquire New Clients

Social media managers clearly have the power to influence people and generate new leads, so it is only natural that if you’re able to find someone who is extremely good at finding new customers and increasing your sales numbers – you’ll want to get them working on this job right away. 

A social media manager that specializes in the real estate industry is able to understand what potential customers want and then test different tactics in order for your real estate business to achieve its goal which usually does include getting more leads or making more sales.

Can A Social Media Manager Help With Your Brand Authority?

As a real estate agent, you want to ensure your brand becomes a household name among current and prospective customers. The commonly known phrase, ‘The secret of success is constancy of purpose,’ – by Benjamin Disraeli is grounded in deep truth. 

Achieving a good following requires a brilliant social media branding strategy which includes consistently posting quality content. You and your social media manager should develop a content strategy. One that should cover what content is posted on your accounts and how frequently the posting should be done, as well as which platforms to post on. 

It’s worth mentioning that sharing meaningful news with your clients only enhances their experience and will continue to keep you “Top of Mind.” Hopefully, when they are in need of an outstanding real estate agent such as yourself they will reach out directly to you.

Will Hiring A Social Media Manager Help Guard Your Brand’s Reputation?

It is vital to note that what your audience sees on your social media profiles is what they perceive “You” their “go-to” real estate agent to be. Managing your “Brand’s Reputation” is a serious and delicate endeavor. When people see an offer advertised on Amazon’s Facebook page, they likely perceive it to be from Jeff Bezos – an entirely psychological reaction. 

It is essential that you regard the reputation of your real estate brand as critical as it is. Evaluate your brand by asking:

  • How do people view your content? 
  • Is it adding value? 
  • Are you posting so infrequent that they easily forget you? 
  • Is it memorable, does it stick in their minds for days? 

Having a social media manager ensures that your brand’s reputation stays afloat and intact. 

As A Real Estate Agent, It Helps to Respond Quickly to Potential Leads

Many customers today have no problem reaching out to brands and companies directly on social media instead of via email or other forms of communication. 

Oftentimes, the consumer is impatient and if you don’t respond quickly enough to their inquiry, they will have already moved on to their next prospect. To help ensure that your prospects are correctly managed in a timely manner and to maximize your chances of converting these visitors into leads, it’s important to differentiate yourself from other real estate agents by employing a reputable and skilled social media manager who will do all the heavy lifting for you so you can keep track of how well your services are received based on the feedback clients provide.

As you work to improve your brand’s weaknesses, you create perfection and an aura of efficacy around your brand. 

A Social Media Manager Will Apply Their Expertise For Your Benefit

A good social media manager stays up-to-date on technology shifts and the myriad of changes within the social media community. In their regular interaction with social media, they already understand the intricacies intended to create more brand authority and the best lead-generating methods. A social media manager uses their expertise and skills to build a brand for your benefit. 

A Social Media Manager Will Save You Potential Losses

Have you tried to advertise on Facebook or Instagram, and your ad failed miserably? It’s highly likely because you did not know that there is a strategy behind success. A social media manager, will not only know how to run an advert but will also save you money from loss and low returns.


Questions You Should Ask Before You Hire A Social Media Manager

It is clear that having a social media manager is integral to your brand. However, having a competent manager should always be your primary concern. Therefore, seek out a manager who knows about social media and preferably has experience in brand management in real estate. Taking time to find out if someone is a good fit for the job is very necessary. For questions you should ask before you hire a social media manager – Keep Reading:

What Level Of Ability and Experience Do They Possess?

It is important to know if the social media manager has had experience working on social media. It is a good idea to ask them to show you past campaigns and social media pages they have worked on. This will help you to know the level of their ability and expertise. It will also help you decide if you like their presentation style and how it would look on your social media platforms. 

Do They Have Online Consistency?

A social media manager needs to have good people skills. While many savvy businesses might think the most important qualifications are related to using various social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter, it is crucial to know that being more than just a “competent social media manager” means being personable as well. It means presenting oneself in a way that ensures customers and/or clients feel confident about supporting the brand.


  • Do they engage in positive conversations online? If so, that’s great! 
  • Do they have solid references from others who can attest to their character online or a way to show an established online history?

Are they Good Communicators and Understand Branding on Social Media?

The very first impression of an excellent social manager is the quality of being an excellent communicator. 

Your social media manager should understand the basics of brand voices, personality, and strategies. They should also advise you on how your brand personality should be presented on social media. After that, help you cultivate that image and attract prospective fans and customers. 

Do They Write Well?

Is your social media manager a good writer? Do they know how to create good captions and write compelling calls to action? An audience is converted into leads and leads into clients because of what they read. Ensure the social media manager you hire is skilled in effective written communication. 

Do They Have References?

A good social media manager will be able to readily provide testimonials from their past customers. Those that go the extra mile will be able to provide recommendation letters, as well. Also, visit their LinkedIn pages to see their endorsements, if any. 

How Do They Measure Results?

Evaluating performance is a very important step, and they need to prove that they know how to do it. Ask how do they plan to measure results? What type of tools or analytics do they provide?

How Was Their “Pitch” For Your Business?

Request them to give a pitch about your business and what they think your social media needs are. This will help you know their expertise level and what they think will take you to the next level. 

Do They Have Experience Working In The Real Estate Industry?

Though all social media management is more or less the same, having experience in the real estate industry should be an added requirement to choosing a social media manager. The longer they have worked in your industry, the better they know what tactics work and those that do not. You also avoid the learning curve time of hiring a social media manager that needs to learn first.



Final Take Away

Social media is not going away anytime soon. It is important for real estate agents to have a presence, interact with prospective and current clients, and ensure they are getting the most out of their social media marketing efforts. 

In a nutshell, your company’s social media profiles are there to serve the purpose of building brand cohesion, marketing your services, and ensuring success for you and your brand. 

If you are looking for ways to add value to your business, Titus Media Solutions can help you with your social media management. We can use the power of social media to help you become a more successful real estate agent and build your brand. So if you fancy yourself a creative real estate agent then take a look at our website to learn more about Our Services and see how we can help you grow your business.

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