The Top Ten Tools A Real Estate Agent Should Avoid. If You Don’t Want To Be Successful In 2023.

​One of the core bases of any business is the tools. A real estate firm is no different and has many tools that help a real estate business succeed. However, new software and tools pop up in an ever-changing business climate to grab your attention.

Many people talk about the tools real estate agents need to make themselves more efficient, productive, and potentially profitable. There have been excellent articles on tools one could use to succeed. But what tools do you need to avoid if you want to keep doing business as usual?

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​​If you are interested in the right set of tools to be successful – Read on:

A list of the Top Ten tools a real estate agent shouldn’t be without in 2023 or ever

  1. Peppertype
  2. Grammarly
  3. Canva
    1. Bonus Tool #1 – Elevated Agent
    2. Bonus Tool #2 – AdCreative

  4. WritersAccess
  5. WarmWelcome
  6. Beacon
  7. Encharge
  8. Spoke
  9. Airtable
  10. Titus Social Media Management Services

​First and foremost, a good real estate agent will have a strong understanding of the market. They will know the ins and outs of the local market, as well as the trends that are happening nationally. This knowledge is essential to help clients make informed decisions about buying and selling property.

As the real estate industry continues to evolve, so too do the tools of the trade. In 2023, there will be ten essential tools that every real estate agent should have in their arsenal to be successful.

1. Peppertype Artificial Intelligence Tool

​Digital marketing is an ever-changing landscape. In fact, in just the past five years, the real estate industry has seen more changes than it did in the previous 100 years. The introduction of the internet, mobile applications, and big data have ushered in a new way of doing business. But in this sea of change, one thing remains the same: people are still buying and selling homes. Your marketing and how it attracts leads to your business are a big part of the process. Written content is a massive part of that.

In a recent survey, 95% of REALTORS® use email daily, and 57% use social media apps daily. With so much at stake, how can you ensure that you’re creating the right kind of content and writing in a way that will attract buyers and sellers?

Imagine having a personal assistant who can write content for your business—a virtual assistant that can write blog posts, emails, social media updates, and much more—in a fraction of the time it would take you to do it yourself.

Peppertype is a copywriting tool powered by AI that helps you write better and faster. It’s like having your content-writing assistant!

2. Grammarly Artificial Intelligence Tool

Grammarly is a fantastic writing tool that can help you with spelling, grammar, punctuation, word choice, style, tone, and more. Grammarly is designed to help you communicate with confidence. With Grammarly, your writing can be: Better — Grammarly’s proofreading and copyediting solutions identify and correct mistakes, so you can focus on what matters: writing with clarity, style, and intent.

Don’t be afraid to use technology to your benefit. There was a time when people didn’t even trust standard scientific calculators. Look how far we’ve come since then.

Grammarly Artificial Intelligence Tool Image

3. Canva Content Creation Tool

​We real estate agents are a unique bunch. Our industry requires lots of imagination and creativity to generate buzz for a simple service: helping people find a place to live. Imagine how dull these people would be if not for Canva to help them stand out in the crowd!

Canva is an incredible tool where people like you and I can design anything they want. It’s completely free and gives you an edge in the market. With Canva’s easy-to-use tools and templates, you can quickly step up your real estate marketing game. However, I recommend purchasing their Pro Plan because it offers extra creatives and additional creative features, like a Background Remover and Image Resizing.

Canva Content Creation Tool Image

Bonus Tool – Elevated Agent

​Branding and marketing are essential to your success as a real estate agent. But creating high-quality graphics and marketing materials can be time-consuming and expensive. Lucky for you and me, because Elevated Agent created a collection of pre-made branding and marketing templates specifically designed for real estate professionals.

Real estate agents can use Elevated Agent’s pre-made templates to create professional-looking brand and marketing materials. Elevated Agent’s integration with Canva makes it easy to customize any template to fit your unique brand. With a little effort, you can create a professional and cohesive brand that will attract new clients and grow your business in the most effective way possible.

Bonus Tool – AdCreative

​Adcreative is an AI platform that can help take your ad campaigns to the next level by automatically generating stunning, high-performing ad creatives in seconds! The AI-generated creatives have a score indicating the probability of that creative doing well in your ad campaign. AdCreative is an invaluable tool for any real estate agent who wants to create more effective ads.

If you want to improve your ad campaigns, AdCreative is a great tool. It can help you save time and money while also helping you get better ad results.

4. Writer’sAccess Content Creation Tool

​Hire skilled writers, editors, content strategists, designers, illustrators, and animators– all hand-screened, proven freelancers, star rated by customer reviews combined with performance algorithms that remove the guesswork to save you time.

Writer’sAccess is a website that uses AI-powered tools to connect businesses with freelance writers. Businesses can post writing jobs on the site, and writers can then apply for those jobs. Once a writer is hired, they can access the job board and start working on the project.

5. WarmWelcome Client Communication Tool

​Screen recordings, emails, and interactive videos are great ways to communicate with your clients, and WarmWelcome offers the best tools. With our easy-to-use interface, you can quickly create professional-looking videos to engage your clients and get them excited about your products or services.

WarmWelcome is the best way to keep your clients updated on your progress and ensure everyone is on the same page.

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6. Beacon Lead Generation Tool

Beacon is an all-in-one tool that helps you create professional lead magnets, eBooks, Checklists, Resource Guides, Workbooks, opt-in forms, and resource libraries. Beacon makes it easy to capture leads and turn them into customers. With Beacon, you can create beautiful, professional lead magnets optimized for conversion.  

Beacon also makes it easy to create opt-in forms that are sleek and easy to use. With Beacon’s resource library feature, you can easily create a library of resources that your leads can access.

7. Encharge Email Marketing Tool

​Encharge is a powerful marketing automation tool that can help you run email marketing campaigns and convert your visitors into customers. Send emails based on what people do on your website and in your product, and automate your marketing process across the user journey. Encharge allows you to easily create and manage email marketing campaigns, track results, and grow your business.

Encharge Email Marketing Tool Image

8. Spoke Meeting Automation Tool

​Nowadays, video meetings have become an integral part of our work lives. They help us stay connected with our colleagues, clients, and customers, no matter where we are. But with so many meetings to attend, it can be hard to keep up. That’s where AI and automation come in.

By recording meetings and taking intelligent notes, AI can help you stay on top of what’s said during the meeting. You can also use video clips and recordings to create meeting highlights and quickly reference critical points later.

With AI and automation, you can record your meetings, create video clips, and take intelligent notes. The Spoke app has mastered the chore of meeting minutes. With the right tools, like Spoke, you can outsmart video meetings and make them work for you, and you’ll never miss a beat, stay connected and productive, even when the meeting gets chaotic, and always be prepared for your next meeting.

Spoke Meeting Automation Tool

9. Airtable Database Transformation Tool

​Airtable is a game-changing platform that makes it easy to build custom applications. By streamlining just about any process, workflow, or project, Airtable makes it easy to get work done and get things done quickly. And because Airtable is cloud-based, you can access your applications from anywhere, anytime. So whether you’re at the office, home, or on the go, Airtable makes it easy to get work done.

There’s no need to worry about coding or complex infrastructure – Airtable takes care of everything for you. So whether you’re looking to streamline your business processes, manage a team project or anything in between, Airtable is the perfect solution.

It’s simple to start with Airtable – create a base, add some fields and records, and you’re ready to go! Airtable also offers powerful features for more advanced users, such as formulas, lookups, and attachments.

Airtable Database Transformation Tool

10. Social Media Services Tool with Titus Media Solutions

​Social media marketing can be challenging for real estate professionals. You’re trying to juggle so many ***** – keeping up your online presence, growing your business, and reaching your target audience. That’s where we come in. We offer affordable and effective social media marketing services at Titus Media Solutions.

We can help you with content marketing, scheduling posts, analyzing your performance, and more. Our team of social media experts has a wealth of experience in all aspects of social media marketing. And we’re committed to helping our clients achieve results. So if you’re feeling overwhelmed by social media, reach out. We’d be happy to help you grow your business and get the most out of social media.

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To Sum Things Up

​As a real estate agent, I’m always looking for an edge over the competition. Staying ahead of the curve is essential to a successful real estate business, and that’s why social media management is such a hot topic. Having successful social media accounts can help draw traffic to your business, so you want to ensure your social media accounts are ready to handle the influx of traffic that comes with a successful real estate business. By working with a social media management company, you can rest assured that your accounts are in good hands and that you’re staying ahead of the curve.

As a real estate agent, you know that there are a lot of tools out there and that not every tool will be worth your time. So which ones should you use and which ones should you avoid? We hope this blog post on “The Top Ten Tools A Real Estate Agent Should Avoid. If You Don’t Want To Be Successful In 2023” was helpful.

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​And I hope you have enjoyed reading my latest blog post. I operate a small business dedicated to helping other solo real estate agents and small business owners like you grow and thrive in the coming years. Stay tuned to the website for more tips on real estate business survival tools like social media management, and be sure to follow our blog by signing up for our newsletter. Thank you for reading!

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Using Social Media To Optimize Your Business – Tips and Best Practices


Tips and Best Practices To Optimize Your Real Estate Business

​Today the real estate business is almost an “all digital” business. It is pretty standard that real estate agencies establish virtual-only offices with the help of the internet and technology. A digital-first mindset is a significant change from past days when the primary communication tool was the phone, and offices were necessary to conduct meetings and handle the paperwork. It also must be noted that the world is a global village, and anyone can now reach real estate professionals in major cities worldwide in seconds.

One of the most popular topics in the real estate industry is social media and its relevance in business. Social media has become essential for real estate professionals looking to grow their businesses and reach new customers. And numerous real estate agents are using social media, especially Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even Snapchat, to promote their businesses and build brand awareness. But with so many different platforms, it can be hard to know where to start. However, although today’s real estate business is conducted in a digital-first world, a few things are necessary to understand that can help you be more successful.


As proud affiliates for some of the resources/tools shown or listed in this article, I/we at {Titus Media Solutions, LLC} receive a commission when you click a link for a solution/resource or gadget and make a qualifying purchase. It is, however, at no extra cost to you, and in some cases, provides you with a discount.

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​This blog post will explain the basics of using social media to optimize your real estate business, including tips and best practices. So if you’re ready to start, let’s dive right in!

Understanding the Benefits of Social Media for Real Estate

​Social media allows real estate agents to build relationships with potential clients and show off their properties. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be an excellent tool for agents to reach their target audiences. By adding keywords, tags, and relevant content to social media posts, potential buyers searching for properties will easily find the agent’s listing. Additionally, by optimizing their social profiles, agents can ensure that they come up in search engine results.

Agents can use platforms like Instagram and Facebook to show off their listings in creative and engaging ways. A well-thought-out social media strategy can help boost an agent’s SEO and allow them to reach more potential clients. Social media provides the perfect opportunity for agents to increase their visibility and create a sense of community with prospective buyers. Through hashtags, agents can target specific homeowners and homebuyers and create campaigns that drive engagement and generate clients. Additionally, agents can use social media to put a human face on their work, creating connections and building trust with potential clients.

Optimize Your Real Estate Business Blog Image - Social Media Marketing

​There’s no denying that social media is a powerful marketing tool. When used correctly, social media can help to boost your brand’s SEO by increasing visibility and engagement. Reaching out to influencers and collaborating on projects is a great way to get started. Influencers can help you raise brand visibility and engagement, increasing exposure and reach.

Crafting an Engaging Social Media Strategy

​You can’t just create any old content and expect it to perform well on social media. You have to do your homework and figure out your target audience, their interest, and what kind of messaging will get them to respond. Once you have a good handle on that, you can start creating content tailored specifically to them – stuff that will make them sit up and take notice. And finally, once you have all that great content, you need to make sure you’re sharing it at the correct times and in the right places so your audience sees it.

Making sure your content and visuals are engaging is crucial to success on social media. Our team can help you create a social media strategy that targets your audience and gets them interacting with your brand. We’ll post regular, relevant content and make sure your messaging is consistent across all platforms. Plus, we can use social media management tools to track progress and help manage multiple accounts easily. Get started with our 7-Day FREE Trial.

Optimize Your Real Estate Business Blog Image - Titus Media Solutions SMM Solution

​The key to success on social media is to post great content regularly. But that’s not all – you also need to be actively engaged with users, which means staying up-to-date with trends and news, producing high-quality posts, and responding to comments quickly. Keep this in mind, and you’ll be well on your way to social media success.

Creating Content That Connects With Your Audience

​Identify who your target audience is and understand their needs and interests when it comes to social media. Knowing who you are targeting regarding Social Media Marketing (SMM) will help you create content and campaigns tailored to their specific interests. By doing this, you can ensure that your SMM efforts are optimized and know that your target customers are engaging with the content you create for them. Creating content that connects and engages potential real estate clients will help you reach more potential customers, drive more business, and increase your SEO rankings.

Hashtags and keywords are your friends when trying to reach a broader audience on social media. Use location tags, popular real estate hashtags, and industry keywords in your posts to ensure that as many people see your content as possible.

Optimize Your Real Estate Business Blog Image - Hashtags

​Social media is a great way to connect with potential customers interested in real estate. You can easily connect with influencers and industry experts to help promote your content and increase engagement. Remember that social media is an effective way to reach more customers, so utilizing these strategies can help you grow your business.

Building relationships with influencers and industry experts can help businesses create genuine connections with real people and achieve tremendous success through real estate content marketing. Social media can be a great way to engage real estate professionals and complement traditional marketing campaigns.

Staying Active and Monitoring Your Performance

​Staying active on social media is essential for anyone in the real estate industry. But it’s not just about posting any old thing – it’s important to provide engaging content that your followers can use. That could mean anything from sharing real estate trends and tips to current market news or even promoting upcoming open houses. The bottom line is that if you want to grow your online real estate presence, you must cultivate an engaged social media following. By doing so, you’ll have the potential to generate more leads and increase brand recognition.

Keeping an eye on your performance is essential to understanding how well your posts and campaigns are doing. Plus, it allows you to make changes if you start to see a dip in your followers or engagement rate.

In today’s digital world, SEO is more important than ever for helping you reach users. By monitoring your performance on various social media platforms, you can get ahead of trends and utilize your content in the best way possible to reach even more potential clients.

Optimize Your Real Estate Business Blog Image - Social Media Analytics

​It’s essential to respond promptly to any comments or messages you receive on social media. This way, you can ensure a positive experience for your audience. In addition, social media management is essential to keep your followers engaged and build relationships with them. You should stay up-to-date with the latest trends and create content that appeals to your followers. When you use a social media management strategy, you can develop your brand presence even further online.

Utilizing Ads & Paid Strategies

​Paid social campaigns can be a great way to reach new real estate clients while also increasing how engaged those people are with your brand. Social campaigns allow you to control how many people see your messaging, target ads more precisely, and track performance immediately. Any real estate agent considering paid advertising on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter should create a plan that focuses on pumping out consistent content, targeting ads carefully, and paying attention to what the audience is saying.

Social media is an increasingly popular way to market your real estate business. With social media ads, you can customize your approach to target precisely the right people, ensuring you get the best results from your marketing budget. Additionally, social media analytics allows you to measure the impact of your efforts and make real-time changes if needed. Paid strategies can also boost organic content and help it reach a wider audience.

Optimize Your Real Estate Business Blog Image - Social Media Engagement

Utilizing Ads can help boost your content by amplifying its reach and helping it break outside your usual audience. Ads especially paid ads, can increase engagement and interactions and make your content more visible overall. So if you’re looking to invest in some ways to help improve your real estate content strategy, paid strategies should be on your radar.

Leveraging Automation Tools

​If you’re looking for ways to streamline your social media presence and save time, automation tools can help. With more real estate marketing strategies incorporating social media, automation can be an excellent way for real estate agents to maximize efficiency. Automated features like scheduling posts and creating content libraries can help agents post relevant content regularly without spending a lot of time manually creating and promoting content. Additionally, agents can use automation tools to track their presence across various social media platforms.

Automation tools can help real estate agents curate and post relevant content quickly and efficiently. Real estate agents can use AdCreative.ai to generate on-brand creatives that drive high conversions, allowing them to focus on content creation rather than content distribution. AdCreative.ai is a robust automation tool that allows content creators to reach more people, freeing up valuable time to create relationships through social media accounts.

Optimize Your Real Estate Business Blog Image - Social Media Automation Tool - AdCreative.ai

​Automation tools like Pictory.ai can help real estate agents repurpose content, plan, and maximize their reach. Using Pictory.ai, agents can take advantage of artificial intelligence to create and edit professional quality videos using text, with no technical skills required or software to download. Automation tools can help agents save time and grow their real estate business.

Optimize Your Real Estate Business Blog Image - Social Media Automation Tool - Pictory.ai

Wrapping up

​If you’re in the real estate business, you know that social media can be a powerful tool to help you reach more customers and grow your business. But it’s important to remember that not all social media platforms are created equal. Some are better for networking and building relationships, while others are more effective for marketing and promotion. By following the tips and best practices outlined above, you’ll be on your way to creating an effective social media marketing strategy to help you reach more customers and grow your business.

We hope to see you on our blog soon, where we will continue providing valuable information about social media marketing strategies and tips for real estate agents. If you want to stay updated with information that can help your business, please sign up for our newsletter for more insight.

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Automation in real estate: what it is and how it can help you?


So, what is automation in real estate? And how can it help you?

The real estate industry has been notoriously slow to adopt new technologies. However, as the industry landscape changes and competition increases, automation is becoming more and more popular. 

Automation is a word that gets tossed around quite a bit, but it’s rarely actually defined. An article from Techopedia defined automation as “…automation is the creation and application of technologies to produce and deliver goods and services with minimal human intervention.” In other words, it’s the process of using technology to do the work of human beings. ​

Real estate is a highly competitive industry. Even though there are thousands of agents and millions of properties to sell, nearly all of them are unique, making each sale a unique experience and more challenging to sell. Still, technology is changing the real estate industry. Automation in real estate makes it easier for real estate agents to sell homes and for homebuyers to find the home of their dreams. In our fast-paced, high-tech world, there’s no way to get around it: Everything is becoming increasingly automated. Our cars, phones, and homes are increasingly self-driving, self-operating, and self-cleaning. Everything is getting more manageable, and the real estate industry is no exception.

Automation can help you put your business on autopilot, which you’ll want to take advantage of as often as possible. Automation could be the answer if you’re looking for ways to streamline your real estate business. This blog post will explore what automation is and how it can help you.


As proud affiliates for some of the resources/tools shown or listed in this article, I/we at {Titus Media Solutions, LLC} commission when you click a link for a solution/resource or gadget and make a qualifying purchase. It is, however, at no extra cost to you, and in some cases, provides you with a discount.

A blog post image of a robot (chatbot) controlling real estate business automation

What is automation and how can it be used in real estate?

Automation in real estate can help you speed up transactions and processes and ultimately save time and money. It can be a game-changer for real estate professionals looking to free up time to focus on getting clients through the door. Automation can help with anything from marketing and lead generation to transaction management and contract preparation. Real estate professionals can improve their efficiency and bottom line by using technology to automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks.

When it comes to automating various tasks in the real estate business, there are several software platforms and apps available that can be extremely helpful. For example, some platforms can assist with marketing and lead generation, transaction management, contract preparation, listing description generation, and more. When selecting a platform or app to use for automation purposes, it is essential to choose one that will integrate well with your current systems and workflows.

Blog Post Image - Automation in real estate

Additionally, you will want to consider the cost of the platform or app and its features and functionality. Automation can benefit various aspects of your real estate business and is worth considering if you want to improve your business.

What are the benefits of using automation in your real estate business?

​Real estate automation can offer many benefits, including improved efficiency, accuracy, and cost reductions. You can automate your business process or specific aspects, such as lead generation or social media management. Automation is a powerful tool to help you get the most out of your real estate business.

I know what you’re thinking. You’re rolling your eyes and probably thinking, “I don’t have time for this!” Or, “I don’t have the money for this,” or, “I don’t see how this will help my business.” But honestly, you’re mistaken.

Blog Post Image - Automation in real estate

Here are some ways it can benefit you:

Automation can save you time.

While you might be skeptical of automation, there are many practical reasons to use it. In a field like real estate, where being available at any given time of the day or night is crucial to success, automation is a great way to streamline this. You can use automation to automatically follow up with potential clients and schedule appointments with them. There are some bots out there designed to do this for you. 

With automation, you can focus on the tasks that matter most to your business. Whether generating revenue or keeping your operations running smoothly, automation can help you save time and get more done. Plus, it can free up your team to work on other vital projects.

Automation can save you money.

One of the ways automation can save you money is by performing outbound customer service tasks, such as emailing leads. If you have an assistant who works for you, you’ll likely have to pay them to perform these tasks. However, we’ve found that using automation to perform lead generation for real estate agents can save money because you won’t have to pay an assistant and can still secure more clients.

Automation can make you money.

Automating your social media is not only a cost-effective option but also a profitable one. Automating your social media posts can help you gain more exposure to your brand and real estate content, which means more eyes on your content. More eyes on your content could mean more buyers, which could mean more money.

Blog Post Image - Automation in real estate

Automation can do a lot, but you need the right tools.

It’s no secret that the best social media profiles are well-managed. With the right software, you can automate and schedule content to engage with your audience, taking some of the stress out of the daily grind! Automating posts and scheduling them optimally allows you to use your time for other essential tasks.

Automation can do a lot, but you need the right tools. Several options are available when it comes to automating your real estate business.

Tools like ManyChat – a leading messaging chatbot platform; Peppertype.ai – an AI content writing tool miles ahead of the competition; Pictory.ai – an AI-powered video generation and software editing tool; Etch Encoder – which creates customized QR codes, BarkBoxTTS – a next-generation text-to-speech tool. And AdCreative – is an AI platform that generates hundreds of stunning, high-performing ad creatives in seconds, each of which can help you with your marketing creativity.

Suppose you’re looking for a way to pass data or perform actions automatically by connecting various tools. Make‘s (formerly Integromat) drag-and-drop interface allows you to connect numerous applications in just a few clicks, and we couldn’t recommend it more highly. With WarmWelcome – You can use personal video emails to answer questions and video email signatures to drive traffic and improve customer relationships.

Suppose you are looking for software designed for social media management. In that case, we provide Social Media Services and offer a Free 7-day trial period so that you can see just how useful our software is.

Automation tools can be a huge help in growing your real estate business. One of the best benefits is that it can give you extra time. We all have the same amount of time available, but automation allows you to use it more wisely. So you can spend that “extra” time doing things you love, like taking a vacation, hanging out with family, or pursuing a hobby. Automation is an excellent option to improve your real estate business’s efficiency and bottom line.

How Can Automation in Real Estate Help You?

​Automation in real estate can help you in many ways. The world of real estate can be exceptionally challenging, including managing numerous properties, each with perplexing circumstances. Any method for making your activity less demanding and increasingly effective is a significant addition, including making your job easier and allowing you to save time and money. Artificial Intelligence can help you in various ways throughout your business; it can save you time – time you can use to make more money!

Blog Post Image - Automation in real estate

For example, you can use automation to manage the details of your listings. This way, you’ll always know what stage a real estate listing is in and will be able to take appropriate action. Airtable is exceptionally adept at these tasks. Using Airtable will allow you to manage your properties, assign tasks, send automatic emails, manage your finances, keep track of expenses, and generate reports. If you’re interested in gaining a solid foundation in the features of Airtable, check out @GarethPronovost over at GAP Consulting. I’ve taken a few of their courses, and I’m glad I did.

In Conclusion

The real estate industry can be a challenging one to break into, with a well-established industry and many powerful companies already in place. For solo agents looking to start their businesses, the problem is even worse! Establishing a name for yourself, attracting a growing customer base, maintaining relationships with your customers, and more prove quite challenging, especially when you’re operating as a solo agent. Automation is a great way to get around these problems.

Marketing automation software can help real estate agents better communicate with their clients, improve lead generation and even help with time management, allowing real estate agents to spend more time focusing on clients.

Blog Post Image - Automation in real estate

We hope you enjoyed our article about automation in real estate. We know that today’s market offers many opportunities for real estate agents looking for the latest tech to help with creativity, lead generation, and everything in between.

We hope to see you on our blog soon, where we will continue providing valuable information on automation and artificial intelligence in real estate. If you want to stay updated with information that can help your business, please sign up for our newsletter for more insight.

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3 Easy Steps On How To Choose The Best Video Marketing System For Your Real Estate Business



​Video marketing is a great way to advertise your real estate business. Video marketing will help your business drive more leads and increase your conversion rate. If you are starting or want to revamp your marketing strategy, you should consider using a video marketing system to ensure maximum engagement with your audience.

What is the best video marketing system for your real estate business? That is an important question. However, determining the best video marketing system for your real estate business can be challenging. Check out this blog for three easy steps to choose the best video marketing system for your business, so you can start improving your audience engagement today.

Video Marketing Blog image of a marshmallow man stacking blocks - "E" , "A" , "S" , "Y"


As proud affiliates for some of the resources/tools shown or listed in this article, I/we at {Titus Media Solutions, LLC} commission when you click a link for a solution/resource or gadget and make a qualifying purchase. It is, however, at no extra cost to you, and in some cases, provides you with a discount.

What are the benefits of video marketing in your real estate business?

​Video marketing systems can help you emerge as a prominent name amongst the competition by improving your search engine results. Videos give potential clients a better idea of what you offer. A video could lead to a “click” on your listings rather than those of other competing agents. Videos also provide credibility and build trustworthiness when you are talking about your services, and they offer a very interactive way to convert customers into clients.

Videos can help build trust and lead to potential new customers. And you don’t even have to be a star on the screen to use video. Funny enough, no one remembers the actors shown in infomercials, but that does not mean those ads were ineffective in moving merchandise! If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine how much a 30-second video is worth. The key here is knowing what your audience wants to hear from you – focus on specific issues or pain points, then highlight your solutions.

Step One: Define your video marketing goals

​Video marketing is one of the most powerful forms of digital marketing today. It can engage and connect with your audience in ways other digital marketing media channels cannot. However, creating a successful video marketing campaign does not happen overnight.

When planning your real estate marketing strategy, you must consider your goals and objectives. Video marketing can be a great way to reach your target audience, but if you don’t define your goals and objectives, you could find that video marketing isn’t adequate for your business.

For example, if you want to maximize the number of leads you get from video marketing, you may want to consider using video hosting platforms that allow you to track leads and conversions.

Will you use video purely for marketing and advertising, or do you plan to use the video for training purposes and product demonstrations? Is your content going to be directed at first-time home buyers or empty-nesters? With the correct information and, more importantly, the right questions answered, you’ll be on the right track toward using video marketing for your business.

Defining your goals is the first step to any successful marketing campaign, which is even more true regarding video marketing. Without goals, you’re just shooting videos without a specific purpose. It’s difficult to tell if you’re making progress, and if you’re not, it’s not worth it in the first place.

Don’t forget a successful video marketing strategy that takes time, effort, and a cohesive plan to develop and execute.
Video Marketing Blog Image of a chalkboard with "Video Marketing" strategy topics

Step Two: Evaluate the different video marketing platforms

​Video marketing can be a great way to promote your real estate business. It’s incredible how often people sit down to watch a video, especially if it’s entertaining and has valuable information. Most people find videos more enjoyable than reading about a subject. They grab people’s attention, get them more invested in the subject, and allow you to convey more information quickly, and social media platforms have made video marketing practical and affordable.

Video marketing is the most popular form of content marketing these days. However, it’s not as simple as it sounds. You need to choose a platform that aligns with your message. There are a variety of platforms available. For example, are you planning to use YouTube, Vimeo, or Wistia? What about hosting your real estate videos on Facebook or other social media platforms? Also, there are advanced options, such as using an HTML5 player hosted on your website to create videos that can play well on many platforms without needing third-party technology.

Success with video marketing depends on what your video is about, your target audience, and how you plan to use the videos. For example, if you’re doing a property walk-thru or an open house video, you could use YouTube, Vimeo, or Wistia. However, if you plan to embed them on your website or inside a “members only” platform, then an HTML5 solution might be a better choice.

Don’t forget that each tool’s features vary, so it’s a good idea to know your requirements compared to what the system can or can’t do.
Video Marketing Blog Image of a man holding a tablet playing a video

Step Three: Choose the right video platform for your real estate business

​It can be hard to know which platform you should use. Luckily, we’re here to help you out! To start, you should look at the demographics of the platforms you’re interested in, i.e., where you want to grow. There are so many platforms available these days. Whether you’re looking to create videos for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Pinterest, or another platform, there’s a perfect system for your needs.

YouTube – YouTube is an excellent way for people to share their videos with the world. You can watch, like, share, and comment on other people’s videos and even upload your own! YouTube is free for both users and creators, and it’s one of the most popular video-sharing sites on the web.

Video Marketing Blog Image of a chart showing social media platform usage

Statista says that 62% of global consumers use YouTube. That’s a lot of people! And it’s not just for watching cat videos, either. You can find educational content, how-tos, and much more.

Pro Tip: Ensure you create a Tubebuddy account and use it to craft a strong SEO video strategy.

Vimeo – 

Vimeo is a video-sharing platform for businesses and content creators who want to take advantage of features like live-streaming and customization. Vimeo doesn’t have any ads, and it earns revenue by offering Software as a Service (SaaS) such as video creation, editing, broadcasting tools, and client connection subscription plans.

Wistia – 

Designed to help make your video marketing efforts as successful as possible. The Wistia platform is explicitly designed for B2B marketers and provides everything you need to create, host, and measure the impact of your videos. Plus, they don’t show competitors’ ads or recommended videos, so your real estate clients can focus on your content.

HTML5 player – 

An HTML5 video player is a great way to improve the look and feel of your web pages. Using a custom set of controls, you can create a consistent look and feel across all HTML5 browsers. Plus, by using a JavaScript library, you can easily add additional features and functionality to your video player.

Video Marketing Blog Image of real estate company researching client social media behavior

So how do you know what will be best for your business? It may help to think about where your audience spends their time. If your audience niche is primarily on Facebook, you’ll want to focus there. If they spend a lot of time on YouTube, TikTok, or Instagram, that’s where you need to be. Imagine your future client is watching an Open House event that you hosted on Facebook last year – how powerful would that be for your marketing credibility? Likewise, if you hosted a video about the “The Home Buying Process” on YouTube – wouldn’t that be a great piece of evergreen content for your real estate video library?

Knowing your audience and what platforms they’re using is crucial. In addition to audience intelligence, you’ll also want to find something easy to learn but powerful enough to be effective with your business. Keeping these tips in mind will ensure you have an easier time finding the right video marketing software.

Don’t forget it will always be essential to engage with your audience and ensure that you’re posting high-quality video content to help your business grow, no matter which platform you choose to explore.
Video Marketing Blog Image of a beautiful woman engaging with her clients on social media

Pro Tip:
Don’t sleep on Pinterest. According to Statista, 47 percent of respondents used Pinterest to find or shop for products, a rate that no other social platform could match.

Video Marketing Blog Image of a chart showing a 47% Pinterest usage for shopping

Wrapping it up

​Video marketing is a great way to reach people, share your message, and build brand loyalty. But when it comes to video marketing, there are a lot of options. Choosing and implementing a video marketing system for your real estate business can be time-consuming. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the variety of excellent marketing systems. Not to fear; if you keep certain things in mind before choosing, you should overcome that fear with relative ease.

We suggest that you take an intense look at Descript, mmHmm, or Spoke; each one is an industry-leading video platform with powerful features that will allow you to integrate video marketing into your business strategies seamlessly. By the way, Spoke offers an easy way to upload your long-form video and convert them into bite-sized pieces perfect for uploading to popular social media platforms.

Video Marketing Blog Image of a female real estate agent in a suit taking 3 easy steps

We hope this blog post has helped you understand the essential factors to consider when choosing a video marketing system. With some careful thought, you can find a video marketing system that works well for your business and helps you reach your goals. It’s a lot of work to choose the right video marketing strategy, but with the right system, you can find success in your real estate business.

If you’d like to learn about other video marketing systems you can use in your real estate business, visit our website and click on our “Resource” page. Thanks for your time.

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A Strong Distribution Strategy Is The Key To Gaining Exposure For Your Real Estate Blog Posts



​Posting to social media is a critical ingredient in any successful distribution strategy. But as crucial as it is, social media can suck up a lot of time. It would help if you dedicated your time to listing appointments or home showings instead of creating and posting content, which takes precious time from other time-intensive areas of your business.

Every real estate business needs a blog as a part of its digital marketing strategy. The challenge is getting the most return from the investment. Developing a successful blogging strategy can be very frustrating, especially if you are blogging for the first time. And often, even seasoned bloggers are so focused on creating content that they forget about gaining exposure for their content.

Marketers, specific bloggers, have used a variety of ways to gain exposure by getting their content in front of viewers. A well-thought-out distribution strategy can provide you with untold benefits. How do you generate traffic for your blog posts?

A man in a suit holding a laptop looking at his distribution strategy - an image of the globe with an airplane, a truck, and a ship in the background

Missinglettr is key to gaining exposure for your real estate blog posts

​In this blog post, we’ll talk about the features of Missinglettr and how it can help you improve the exposure of your content and your social media game, taking them to the next level.


As proud affiliates for some of the resources/tools shown or listed in this article, I/we at {Titus Media Solutions, LLC} commission when you click a link for a solution/resource or gadget and make a qualifying purchase. It is, however, at no extra cost to you, and in some cases, provides you with a discount.

What is Missinglettr?

An image of the Missinglettr Splash page - Grow your social presence the smart way.

Missinglettr is a unique and innovative tool that is easy to use. It’s a social media tool designed to automate your social media posting. It allows you to upload your blog articles and convert them into campaigns that can be shared directly to social media, which will help you gain more exposure for your real estate blog posts.

If you’re looking for a way to step up your content distribution and social media marketing game, Missinglettr might be just what you need.

How can Missinglettr help you gain exposure for your real estate blog posts?

​If you want to create a social media campaign that will make an impact, then you should consider using Missinglettr. Thanks to its unique features, Missinglettr can help you create real estate social media campaigns and a distribution strategy that will get results.

So what are the key features of Missinglettr that can help you maximize your real estate distribution?

An image of Distribution Channels

The Sidebar – Missinglettr

​The sidebar is your “control center” in Missinglettr. By hovering over the sidebar, you’ll see the options available to you, broken down into “Tabs”: Dashboard, Campaigns, Curate, Schedule, Analytics, and Settings. Each tab contains different features that will help you navigate Missinglettr.

So, the sidebar is the place to go whether you want to see an overview of your progress or plan your campaign schedule.

The Dashboard Tab – Missinglettr

Once you connect your social media accounts to Missinglettr, your Dashboard will show you an overview of your performance (expect to see a 30-day snapshot of how you’ve been doing.) The Analytics Tab is the place to go for a more detailed breakdown.

You’ll also see a snapshot of your posting health, including the ratio of post types, average posting frequency, and how many posts are in the queue.

The Dashboard will also give you “Recommended Actions,” including curated post suggestions and a list of social media posts scheduled to go live in the coming days.

An image of the Missinglettr Dashboard Tab

The Campaigns Tab – Missinglettr

​Social Media Drip Campaigns are a great way to keep your social media accounts active without constantly creating new content. Missinglettr will automatically craft beautifully generated social media posts whenever you publish a new blog post. Thanks to Missinglettr’s AI technology, which analyzes your blog posts and looks for the best ones to share on social media. With this feature, you can be sure that your social media accounts are always up-to-date!

So, if you have a bunch of old blog posts that you want to give new life to, or if you’re regularly publishing new ones, drip campaigns are the perfect solution for eye-catching content that drives traffic to your blog.

An image of the Missinglettr Campaign Tab

Creating eye-catching content is as easy as 1-2-3. Once you’ve added your content source(s) (RSS Feeds, YouTube channels, etc.) to Missinglettr, all you need to do is publish your blog posts as usual. Missinglettr will automatically create a drip campaign for you, and all you need to do is review and approve the campaign. If you want to make any adjustments, this is the time to do so.

Missinglettr will identify the best quotes from your blog posts and find the right hashtags to use, so you can be sure that your content will reach the widest audience possible on social media. If you’re a bit of a control freak, don’t worry – you can also edit the generated quotes.

Drip Campaigns 

They are divided into three columns: “Active,” “Drafts,” and “Completed.”
Any campaigns automatically created from previously entered content sources are awaiting your review and Approval. You can also add a new campaign by clicking the “(+) plus” button to create your campaign. You’ll need to enter the URL of the blog post you want Missinglettr to use to generate a campaign.

When the Active Posts are displayed, you can view a snapshot of the current campaigns, including the type of campaign, how far the campaign has progressed, and how many clicks it has received.

When the Draft Posts are displayed, you can view the campaigns awaiting your review and Approval. Clicking on each post will open up additional options.

When the Completed Posts are displayed, you can view the campaigns that have run their course. Clicking on each post will open up additional options.

Pro Tips:
  • Ensure you integrate with Medium and turn it on to send the post to Medium dot com.
  • Ensure you’ve set the “update blog post” reminder, especially for evergreen posts.


The Curate Tab – Missinglettr

​With Curate (A social media marketing feature that Missinglettr offers as an optional add-on.), you can easily find engaging content to share with your audience. You can also use the platform to share your content with other Missinglettr users.

An image of the Missinglettr Curate Tab - Browse by Publisher

Don’t sleep on the Curate add-on. One might think sharing content from other creators is counterintuitive. However, it’s a great way to get interaction on your social media feeds. I receive activity daily from the content I’ve shared from various authors thanks to Missinglettr’s tagging function. The Curate add-on is an excellent way to network with new people in your industry. 

Remember the theory of reciprocity – sharing others’ content will likely result in more of your content being shared. So be sure to add your content to the Missinglettr community!

An image of the Missinglettr Curate Tab - Promote

The Schedule Tab – Missinglettr

​The Schedule feature is one of the essential aspects of Missinglettr. It allows users to manage and review all the content scheduled to post to their social media channels. The Schedule makes it easy for users to see the content scheduled to post and when and what content is a part of a drip campaign. The schedule feature makes it an ideal tool for bloggers who want to get better at content marketing.

An image of the Missinglettr Schedule Tab

​The Schedule is in a calendar format designed to help you see all the content you have lined up for publishing, so you can better plan your social media strategy. With Missinglettr, you can view all your entries at once or use the filter options to find a particular post.

For example, you can filter the entries by their Posting Status (Published, Scheduled, Awaiting Approval, etc.) or by Tags (Drip Campaign, Curated Content, etc.). You can also filter them by Workspace, and if there are multiple accounts or users, you can filter by name.

You can toggle the Schedule to show entries by day, week, or month. This way, you can see a “macro” or a “micro” view depending on your needs. You can drag-and-drop any post and place it on any other day you choose – easy peasy.

The Analytics Tab – Missinglettr

​The Analytics Tab is a great place to start if you’re looking for insights into your social media performance. You can easily view all your data from within Missinglettr without logging into different social media sites, making it easy to see how your social profiles perform.

The Analytics section contains details about your online presence on social media sites and a few details about your audience and the traffic you’re generating.

You’ll see how many total clicks you got during a set timeframe and your top drip campaigns. There’s also a chart that shows what browsers people used to find your content and the operating system used.

A section also tells you what time of the day you get the most clicks. You can use the data you gathered to improve how you use this social media tool to connect with your followers.

An image of the Missinglettr Analytics Tab

The Settings Tab – Missinglettr

​You have the power to tailor your Missinglettr experience and suit your needs by adjusting the various settings. The Settings Tab is where you’ll connect your social profiles. You can also change your date and time settings and any blackout dates and times.

If you want, you can customize your appearance by choosing a custom font. Additionally, you can select from various templates and customize them, so they fit your brand perfectly.
In the Settings tab, you can update your Curate settings, toggle between hashtag options, manage UTM parameters, add default hashtags, insert an RSS feed as a content source, and activate a URL shortener.

For your information, Missinglettr provides a URL shortener, but you could use a third-party shortener if you want to add a custom URL. And the Blacklist subsection is a handy place to enter words or phrases you’d like Missinglettr to ignore when generating Drip Campaigns.

What will it cost to get in on the Missinglettr gravy train? Good question. Let’s talk about Pricing Plans

First, the good news, Missinglettr has a free trial that allows you to try out any “paid plan” for 14 days. And you don’t even have to enter your credit card information to sign up.

An image of the Missinglettr Pricing Plan

Try Missinglettr Free

The free trial is perfect for bloggers who are just starting and want to see if the platform is a good fit for them. If it doesn’t work out or the timing isn’t right, no problem! You can sign up for the “Free Forever” version, which has minimal features but is still an excellent option for new bloggers.

An image of Distribution Channels - Planes, trains, boats, and trucks

If you’re looking to use Missinglettr to promote your content to other bloggers, please be aware that you’ll need to purchase the Curate add-on. It’s an additional $49 per month on top of the price of your plan. With the add-on, you’ll have access to all of Curate’s features, including content promotion. You will be able to browse and share content through the Curate Tab. However, without the add-on, you can’t promote your content to the Missinglettr community of bloggers. 

You can try the Pro Plan w/Curate add-on for a one-off cost of $5, originally priced at $108/ month – saving you $103! 

The Curate add-on is an investment that pays off. If you’re spending time creating content or hiring someone to create content for you, investing in tools that will help you promote your content and reach your target audience makes sense. Curate is one of those tools – it’s worth the price.

Solo plan   
$19 /month
For experienced
but smaller blogs

Pro plan
$59 /month
For professional bloggers and
large teams

Curate Add-On
For professional bloggers and
large teams

Agency Add-On
For large agencies and large teams 

​If you want the Agency feature that invites clients to collaborate with you on your Drip Campaign, that’s an additional $147 per month.

As I mentioned, the Solo plan is $19 per month, while the Pro plan is $59 per month. However, if you choose the yearly billing cycle, prices drop to $15 per month for the Solo plan and $49 for the Pro plan – a great way to keep some money in your pocket.

Let’s review the Good and the Bad – Missinglettr

​What are the upsides and downsides of using Missinglettr? Is it too good to be true, or is there a catch to using this automation tool?

The Good

Missinglettr is a fantastic automation tool that can help you save time and energy when creating social media posts.

The Bad

There is no catch to using Missinglettr! It is a legitimate tool that can help you improve your social media game and increase your blog’s exposure.

An image of a Professional Social Media Management Team

Is Missinglettr key to gaining exposure for your real estate blog?

​Missinglettr is a fantastic way to increase the reach of your blog. Through their distribution channels, your blog’s content can be seen by tens of thousands of people who might not otherwise see it.

If you’re looking for a way to expand your real estate blog and grow your business to new heights, then Missinglettr is a great tool. Missinglettr distributes your content across the web, making it available to a broad audience. This way, readers worldwide can enjoy your writing and understand what it’s like to live and play in your local real estate market.

We love Missinglettr – it’s a critical element of our blogging distribution strategy, and since we’ve been using Missinglettr, we’ve gained more views, leads, and, ultimately, more sales. If you’ve been working on your blog for a while but aren’t seeing the results you’d like, Missingletr may hold the key to your success.

An image of a real estate agent developing a blogging distribution strategy

​You don’t have to make a decision right away – Missinglettr offers a 14-day free trial on their paid plans and a free plan, so give Missinglettr a try to see if it’s the right solution. And if you decide to sign up, use the link to grab a fantastic offer – 50% off for three months. Either plan you choose will help blossom your social presence and surely help you get fresh eyes on your blog posts and gain new followers!

An image of a street sign for the intersection of Strategy Street and Tactics Trail

Wrapping things up

​Being a blogger can be difficult in today’s digital world. Thankfully, blogging platforms like WordPress make it easier than ever before to manage your blog. However, even with a Siteground-hosted WordPress website, getting your posts in front of your intended audience can still be challenging. That’s why proper distribution is so important. You’ll reach more people and gain exposure by learning how to distribute your real estate blog posts correctly.

We hope our blog post has helped you learn more about Missinglettr, how it can fit into your content distribution strategy, and how to use it to grow your real estate blog. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us in the comments. We’d be happy to answer any questions you have!

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Should You Hire a Social Media Manager for Your Brand?

Table of contents


Do you feel like there’s not enough hours in the day?

Almost every business today has a social media presence, and real estate is no exception. Social media is a powerful tool for real estate agents to build relationships with potential clients and create brand awareness. However, managing a social media campaign can be time-consuming, and it is easy to neglect and miss out on some valuable opportunities – if you’re “busy” performing “real estate” tasks.

Social Media

So, do you feel like you don’t have enough hours in the day to manage your social media accounts? Are you barely able to keep up with the latest trends that will keep your brand engaged with your followers? You may need to consider hiring a social media manager

Do you dare to let go of some responsibilities and give up a bit of control? One might think that being “hands-off” is a no, no when dealing with social media marketing. However, one can actually exert more control by delegating certain tasks, jobs, or duties to another human being; especially if the said task involves your social media presence or reputation on the internet. It is HIGHLY advised for real estate agents, especially those who are new to the world of owning their own company to outsource specific tasks to subject matter experts – partners of sorts to keep business moving forward.

A Social Media Manager Will Save You Precious Time

Saving precious time is likely the number one reason so many companies hire social media managers to help out with their content. A social media manager can truly come in handy, and as a real estate agent, you are no exception to that rule!

As an agent, you have a lot of “requirements” eating away at your time. All of those “requirements” including social media might make you feel overwhelmed from time to time. There is no way on earth you will be successful just sitting in the office tweeting or making Facebook posts about your services, and you don’t want to spend so much time on social media that it begins to feel like work, which of course it is not!

Relieving stress might be the only reason you need to hire a social media manager to undertake online branding and marketing so that you can attend to everything else that needs to be done.

A Social Media Manager Helps to Acquire New Clients

Social media managers clearly have the power to influence people and generate new leads, so it is only natural that if you’re able to find someone who is extremely good at finding new customers and increasing your sales numbers – you’ll want to get them working on this job right away. 

A social media manager that specializes in the real estate industry is able to understand what potential customers want and then test different tactics in order for your real estate business to achieve its goal which usually does include getting more leads or making more sales.

Can A Social Media Manager Help With Your Brand Authority?

As a real estate agent, you want to ensure your brand becomes a household name among current and prospective customers. The commonly known phrase, ‘The secret of success is constancy of purpose,’ – by Benjamin Disraeli is grounded in deep truth. 

Achieving a good following requires a brilliant social media branding strategy which includes consistently posting quality content. You and your social media manager should develop a content strategy. One that should cover what content is posted on your accounts and how frequently the posting should be done, as well as which platforms to post on. 

It’s worth mentioning that sharing meaningful news with your clients only enhances their experience and will continue to keep you “Top of Mind.” Hopefully, when they are in need of an outstanding real estate agent such as yourself they will reach out directly to you.

Will Hiring A Social Media Manager Help Guard Your Brand’s Reputation?

It is vital to note that what your audience sees on your social media profiles is what they perceive “You” their “go-to” real estate agent to be. Managing your “Brand’s Reputation” is a serious and delicate endeavor. When people see an offer advertised on Amazon’s Facebook page, they likely perceive it to be from Jeff Bezos – an entirely psychological reaction. 

It is essential that you regard the reputation of your real estate brand as critical as it is. Evaluate your brand by asking:

  • How do people view your content? 
  • Is it adding value? 
  • Are you posting so infrequent that they easily forget you? 
  • Is it memorable, does it stick in their minds for days? 

Having a social media manager ensures that your brand’s reputation stays afloat and intact. 

As A Real Estate Agent, It Helps to Respond Quickly to Potential Leads

Many customers today have no problem reaching out to brands and companies directly on social media instead of via email or other forms of communication. 

Oftentimes, the consumer is impatient and if you don’t respond quickly enough to their inquiry, they will have already moved on to their next prospect. To help ensure that your prospects are correctly managed in a timely manner and to maximize your chances of converting these visitors into leads, it’s important to differentiate yourself from other real estate agents by employing a reputable and skilled social media manager who will do all the heavy lifting for you so you can keep track of how well your services are received based on the feedback clients provide.

As you work to improve your brand’s weaknesses, you create perfection and an aura of efficacy around your brand. 

A Social Media Manager Will Apply Their Expertise For Your Benefit

A good social media manager stays up-to-date on technology shifts and the myriad of changes within the social media community. In their regular interaction with social media, they already understand the intricacies intended to create more brand authority and the best lead-generating methods. A social media manager uses their expertise and skills to build a brand for your benefit. 

A Social Media Manager Will Save You Potential Losses

Have you tried to advertise on Facebook or Instagram, and your ad failed miserably? It’s highly likely because you did not know that there is a strategy behind success. A social media manager, will not only know how to run an advert but will also save you money from loss and low returns.

Questions You Should Ask Before You Hire A Social Media Manager

It is clear that having a social media manager is integral to your brand. However, having a competent manager should always be your primary concern. Therefore, seek out a manager who knows about social media and preferably has experience in brand management in real estate. Taking time to find out if someone is a good fit for the job is very necessary. For questions you should ask before you hire a social media manager – Keep Reading:

What Level Of Ability and Experience Do They Possess?

It is important to know if the social media manager has had experience working on social media. It is a good idea to ask them to show you past campaigns and social media pages they have worked on. This will help you to know the level of their ability and expertise. It will also help you decide if you like their presentation style and how it would look on your social media platforms. 

Do They Have Online Consistency?

A social media manager needs to have good people skills. While many savvy businesses might think the most important qualifications are related to using various social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter, it is crucial to know that being more than just a “competent social media manager” means being personable as well. It means presenting oneself in a way that ensures customers and/or clients feel confident about supporting the brand.


  • Do they engage in positive conversations online? If so, that’s great! 
  • Do they have solid references from others who can attest to their character online or a way to show an established online history?

Are they Good Communicators and Understand Branding on Social Media?

The very first impression of an excellent social manager is the quality of being an excellent communicator. 

Your social media manager should understand the basics of brand voices, personality, and strategies. They should also advise you on how your brand personality should be presented on social media. After that, help you cultivate that image and attract prospective fans and customers. 

Do They Write Well?

Is your social media manager a good writer? Do they know how to create good captions and write compelling calls to action? An audience is converted into leads and leads into clients because of what they read. Ensure the social media manager you hire is skilled in effective written communication. 

Do They Have References?

A good social media manager will be able to readily provide testimonials from their past customers. Those that go the extra mile will be able to provide recommendation letters, as well. Also, visit their LinkedIn pages to see their endorsements, if any. 

How Do They Measure Results?

Evaluating performance is a very important step, and they need to prove that they know how to do it. Ask how do they plan to measure results? What type of tools or analytics do they provide?

How Was Their “Pitch” For Your Business?

Request them to give a pitch about your business and what they think your social media needs are. This will help you know their expertise level and what they think will take you to the next level. 

Do They Have Experience Working In The Real Estate Industry?

Though all social media management is more or less the same, having experience in the real estate industry should be an added requirement to choosing a social media manager. The longer they have worked in your industry, the better they know what tactics work and those that do not. You also avoid the learning curve time of hiring a social media manager that needs to learn first.


Final Take Away

Social media is not going away anytime soon. It is important for real estate agents to have a presence, interact with prospective and current clients, and ensure they are getting the most out of their social media marketing efforts. 

In a nutshell, your company’s social media profiles are there to serve the purpose of building brand cohesion, marketing your services, and ensuring success for you and your brand. 

If you are looking for ways to add value to your business, Titus Media Solutions can help you with your social media management. We can use the power of social media to help you become a more successful real estate agent and build your brand. So if you fancy yourself a creative real estate agent then take a look at our website to learn more about Our Services and see how we can help you grow your business.

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Traffic Generation for A Real Estate Agent using Social Media



When it comes to traffic generation for a real estate agent, social media is one of the most important tools. By building a following and creating engaging content, you can attract potential buyers and sellers to your page. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the best ways to generate traffic using social media. Keep reading to learn about getting more leads using a variety of social media platforms and online tools! 

Leads into a funnel

But First, Some Statistics:

According to a National Association of REALTORS® study – the data shows that social media has become quite integral in closing deals in the real estate industry.

For instance,

·      77% of realtors actively use social media platforms for real estate. Additionally,

·      47% of related businesses noted that social media results are the highest when it comes to quality leads.

Thanks to social media, real estate agencies can use various tools in their arsenal to boost performance and client acquisition. Popular platforms such as Facebook and Instagram provide numerous opportunities for agents to capitalize on or acquire more customers. By the end of 2021, 2.9 billion people were on Facebook with active memberships. This means that as a real estate agent you have an amazing opportunity to market your properties while at the same time reach out to potential buyers instantaneously.

Find more statistics at Statista

Statistic: Number of monthly active Instagram users from January 2013 to December 2021 (in millions) | Statista

When it comes to marketing, the more audiences you can speak to; the more potential buyers and sellers there will be for your business. Instagram has over 2 billion active monthly users creating another vast market source of leads for real estate agents looking to grow their business using social media.

Why Generate Traffic with Social Media?

Using social media to generate traffic helps you build your reputation.

Business is what we do - REALTORS®

  1. When people see you as an industry expert, they will trust your advice and judgment. By providing your followers with insightful and quality content, you will be able to build your social media presence, gaining your clients’ trust. This will help you a lot, especially when networking with clients and other realtors.
  2. When you make good connections on social media with prospects and clients, you can get referrals, which is essential for your real estate business growth.
  3. Using social media provides a big diversified reach of prospects through these marketing efforts. This is because you will be mixing social media marketing and online advertising, making you reach out to many clients. When you share your original posts and videos on social media sites, you will connect with prospects who are hungry for your expertise. This will help you boost your website traffic because they will be directed to your website.

    PRO TIP: By updating your content regularly, you will be improving your website rankings in the process. Almost 44% of real estate agents reported a new client from posting on social media in 2020. The majority of real estate agents prefer investing in improving their social media presence more than email marketing.

How To Generate Traffic to Your Website from Facebook

Promote Your Page Using Other Social Media Channels
One way to generate traffic to your social media page is by promoting your Facebook page to an audience you have already built. For example, you can share your Facebook page on other social media platforms to ensure that you are well known.

Use Facebook Ads
Facebook advertising is a very potent form of promotion on Facebook. So many marketers have perfected the system and are currently getting thousands of likes for spending less than $100. If you have a landing page on your website that people can be taken to when they click your post, ensure that you promote this with ads to improve its reach and visibility on social media. This will result in generating more leads on your website which increase the likelihood of converting to clients.

Post Local Content on Facebook Community Groups
By posting on Facebook Community Groups in your area, you become the go-to person for home buying and selling. As you gain popularity through regular posts, make sure that your profile pages have your website link for people to refer to if they want to learn more about your services.

Create a Facebook Group
Why not create a Facebook Group and take charge of what your members will see? As the group admin, you can promote your website and new updates as often as you want, and this will draw people back to the website to sign up for an open house and more.

Engage with Followers
The main reason you are using social media platforms is to allow you to have close contact with your leads and customers. The real estate business involves interaction between the realtor and potential buyers. It is, therefore, vital that you consider answering some of the questions and comments of potential buyers that are directed to you. The last thing you want people to think is that you’re ignoring them. You, therefore, need to ensure that you respond to the questions, complaints, or even compliments. Then provide the links to your website for more information or to sign up for regular updates of new home listings in your newsletter.

Keep the Information About Your Agency Updated
You never want your followers to get wrong information regarding your real estate business. Therefore, you must provide the most current information regarding your business updated on the Facebook page. This enhances confidence because the credibility levels grow when your information is up-to-date. Potential leads will always be directed to your website for more information or to learn more about your services.

How To Generate Traffic to Your Website Using Instagram

Instagram can be a powerful way you can engage your engagement numbers. Using photos of current listings and other posts, you can direct people back to your website to learn more about the homes on sale. 

Leads Into Your Marketing Strategy

Optimize Your Instagram Page for Business

After setting up your real estate Instagram account, ensure that you keep your business Instagram professional. Having a business profile gives you access to Instagram insights that can help you understand specific audiences. This will help you attract the audience that your content fits with the target profile you have created.

Create A Compelling Bio
The first place to make your first impression is the Instagram bio. It is, therefore, vital that you make it as compelling as possible and very engaging. Write a short but professional bio regarding your professionalism and the exact niche of real estate that you work in. You can include your location and neighborhood, and business contact information. You must provide a link to your real estate website or blog as well. Don’t forget to include a professional photo to connect your face to your business. The bio is key in generating traffic back to your website.

Change Your Call to Action
Instagram is very visually appealing, and you should take advantage of that to drive traffic back to your website. Consider beautiful visuals of your homes and listings for people to see. In the caption of each photo, direct people back to your website for more information. This process is bound to increase traffic back to your website.

Tips for Other Platforms that Can Generate Traffic Back to your Website

Did you know that a Google My Business page – now called Google Business Profile can generate traffic to your website? It’s used to build your brand awareness and connect with potential customers. Stay ahead of the competition and use all the latest tools and technologies available, including Google My Business is one such tool! GMB is a free Google tool that allows businesses to create and manage their online presence on Google.com and Google Maps.


You can become the most popular real estate agent in your town and easily direct traffic back to your website by using a blog. All you’ll need is an internet connection and software like WordPress, Blogger, or ISP (free). Then set up your own little page with content that you know will get people interested and clocking to your website to learn more about you and your services.

Host A Webinar

When you host a webinar for your direct target market- for example, first-time home buyers, you can share your website link throughout the session for people to visit it at their convenience. This tool is very effective because you will have to pre-sold what to expect on the website, increasing the conversion rate.

Social Media Rocks
Social Media Rocks @tm_solutions_official

Final Take Away

Traffic generation for a real estate agent through social media can seem daunting at first, but it can be an easy process with the right recommended tools and approach. We’ve given some of our favorite tips and tricks in this blog post and provided helpful resources so you can get started today. Thanks for reading!

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Get Started with Social Media: Understand the Basics and Get Started – An Agent’s Point Of View

Table of contents


Real estate is a social business. It’s about relationships, and you must have a robust online presence to succeed in this industry. Agents should be active on all major social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Google My Business.

Social Media In Marketing: The Power and Possibilities

Social media is a must-have tool for real estate agents these days. It can help you reach out to new clients, connect with potential buyers and sellers, and build your brand. However, it can be tricky to navigate if you don’t know where to start. In this post, we’ll give you tips on how to get started with social media for your real estate business. We’ll discuss popular social media networks, offer some suggestions for content creation, and ways to get started on the right foot. Stay tuned – by the end of this post, you’ll be ready to take social media by storm!

Why get started with social media?

Did you know that over four and a half billion people worldwide use social media? Every real estate agent should be thinking about social media marketing. Moreover, they need to have an active presence on social media. It’s where your current clients are, along with many homeowners and future homeowners searching for guidance. 

If you are an agent and you are not on social media, you are leaving behind a lot of opportunities. Don’t ignore the multitude of consumers that use social media when searching for companies for the goods and services that they desire, especially when it comes to real estate. A vast audience of potential clients passes you by simply because you didn’t take the time to be social. 

Don't be a Secret Agent

Don’t be a Secret Agent – with that said, the logical course of action would be to take the initiative – get started with social media.

How do you get started with social media? Keep reading:

To get started with social media, create a profile on the platform of your choice and start engaging. The best way to begin is by starting with the forum you are most comfortable on and then slowly working your way around to the others.

Choose the best social media platform or platforms for your real estate business

Social media should be a critical element of any company’s marketing strategy, and for a real estate business, it can be even more critical. The best social media platform for you as a real estate agent depends on your target audience, the demographics of your area, and the needs you have for that platform. What are the best social media marketing platforms for business? 

Over the past few years, social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook have become increasingly popular with consumers. However, while their capabilities to connect with users across the country may be different, their usefulness for marketing, sales, and customer service is undeniable.


These are the four leading social media platforms that every creative real estate agent should participate in:

Facebook – Almost every demographic is active on Facebook. So, it’s a great place to find prospects.

Instagram – This platform is ideal for posting beautiful pictures of homes for sale, which you can use to reach more of your potential clients.

LinkedIn – Use LinkedIn as a place for networking with other realtors and prospective clients in your location.

YouTube – This platform (technically a search engine) helps your business increase its reach, build brand awareness and engage more with prospective clients.

Once you decide which social media platforms you want to use. The next steps would be to create objectives and goals for each social media platform.

What steps should I take to achieve my goals for each social media platform? Keep reading:

Here is an example of an objective and a goal to spark your thought process:


Your objective could be, “we will use our Facebook page to have one-on-one conversations with our clients by providing feedback to the questions they ask.”

Your goal could be, “we will maintain a 100% reply rate with customers interacting on Facebook.”

Pro-Tip – Set up your social media profile section with a high-quality photo of yourself or a logo and an optimized social bio complete with contact information. Create a strategy that will help guide your content creation process and help you determine whether or not the platform is working for you.


How should I go about developing my content strategy? Keep reading:

What is your current activity level? Can you manage multiple platforms, or will you outsource it?

·  What are your goals on each platform?

·  How will you measure them?

·  What is your target audience?

·  What is the most effective way to engage with the target audience on each platform?

·  What content should you share on each platform to reach your goals?

·  How will you measure the success of each social media platform? 

Setting SMART Goals

Get to know your audience

Social media trends can help you know what your audience wants to see from you – identifying what your target audience wants to see on social media is critical. This knowledge will help you understand what content will attract your target audience, which is a crucial step in content optimization. For example, your audience may appreciate interior design tips, knowledge about renovating a home to increase its value, or whether or not they should hire an inspector for an independent home inspection.

To post the most relevant content, think about your target audience (current clients, as well as your “ideal client”) marry that with the following criteria:

·   The age group and gender of the target audience. For example, are they millennials, Gen X, military, executive professionals, etc.?

·   How do you want them to feel when viewing your content?

·   What is the message you want to convey to your audience?

·   What are the lifestyle and the interests of your target audience?

·   For example, are you selling to high-end buyers or the upwardly mobile community who prefer condos nearer the city?

·   The location of your target audience is.

·   Stay consistent

·   Don’t just post—participate

·         Use content creation tools

·         Repurpose, repost, recycle

·         Curate your feed

Study your competitor’s social media pages

There is a high possibility that your competitors are already on social media. Not to worry, social media is a “long game,” and you will catch up quickly by using your social media platforms correctly from the start. Your competitor’s platforms can provide you with several key lessons. What they are doing correctly and what areas can be improved. You can genuinely benefit from observing the methods they use in their social media marketing strategy. 


Therefore, do a simple competitive analysis and visit their pages to learn the following:

·   Which social media platforms are they using actively?

·  How often do they post?

·  What type of content do they post?

·  What type of engagement did they receive?

·  Do they use paid advertising?


All the information you collect will help you discover “what works?” and “what doesn’t?” helping you identify the gaps in your competitor’s content strategy – and fill it! For example, your competitors may have a solid following on Instagram but have devoted less effort to Facebook. This information will help you see that opportunity and, through data, drive your decisions, ensuring you place an increased focus on your Facebook social media marketing strategy.

Create a social media posting schedule

A social media posting schedule, also known as a content calendar, is a schedule of posts for a specific period. You can easily manage social media posts with a content calendar. A well-thought-out social media posting schedule can help brands, public figures, organizations, and even solo real estate agents build a solid social media presence. Think in terms of “campaigns.” Making sure your posts are associated with specific campaigns will help you track and correlate the results of those campaigns more effectively and make them more seamless.

Plan out what you will post with all the collected information about your target audience and competitors. You can create the content or have it done for you by social media experts. Whichever you decide, don’t forget – a schedule helps you think ahead about promotions you may have in mind, any special events or holidays coming up. A content calendar also helps to stay consistent and avoid panicking when you have “Creator’s Block.” Elevated Agent has a fantastic assortment of marketing materials that can help you effectively build your brand.

Do some detective work. Research the internet for the best times to post, then identify the time, day, week, or month to post your content, and schedule accordingly to get the feedback you desire.  

What should I put in my content calendar? Keep reading.

Content Calendar Creation

Ensure your content aligns with the objectives of the platform you are using. So as not to compromise your goal achievement. For example, you should post more blog-style content on LinkedIn and more pictures and videos on Instagram. 

Include – the time and the date that you intend to post your content to yield the desired impact.

Include – the type of content you post should contain a mix of good-quality images and videos.

It’s time to start posting!

Well, not so fast. A key concept to keep in mind is the 80/20 rule. When posting on social media, 80% of your content should be informative, educative, and entertaining to your audience, while 20% of what you post should promote your brand.

Post moderately, three to five times a week. If you can sustain more, go ahead, but three times is usually the sweet spot. 

Social Media Post Ideas

Create compelling content

What kind of content should you post?

It’s a bad idea to post only house listings, “For Sale” this, “Open House” that – who wants to see that, not even you would be interested in only promotional material. Mix it up with a few of the following ideas:

·  Post about what you do as a real estate agent on a day-to-day basis. For example, …you at work during an open house, touring a new home, during a meeting with the team, etc.

·  Post about the location or city where you work. Highlight the unique aspects of your city – the landmarks, the schools, the amenities, the best coffee shop, the best place to grab some garlic wings, etc.

·  Post testimonials from happy customers (in video or photos). Show off your success to build credibility.

·  Post about yourself as a person. It’s essential to show your human side, so share pictures of you going to the gym, volunteering, or some cute shots of your furry family members.

·  Post news and updates about the real estate market in your area, which helps build your credibility as a leader in the industry.

·  Use the video features of Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram LIVE to create short videos. These are easy to share and get more views than standard posts. You can go LIVE and hold quick Question and Answer “Ask Me Anything” sessions with your audience. You can also share tips on the most common challenges your clients have. These greatly help to build the credibility of your business and brand.

·  Have fun with posting content and be yourself. It is your personality that will get you, customers, and clients.

Keep an eye on your analytics

When setting out to analyze your social media stats, it’s essential to understand what the “expected norm” is for the real estate industry. What are the “expected norms” for an agent such as yourself? Once you have that figured out, set some goals to surpass them. 

A woman in a blue dress analyzing data

Once you have implemented your posting plans on social media, monitor the engagement to see how it changes over time. You can utilize a different solution to monitor your analytics. However, using the analytics page on your social media platform is an easy way to determine what kind of audience you are attracting and what content they react to the most. What you find may surprise you!

Plan your editorial content around the analytics you review to stay ahead of changing popularity trends.

Experiment, experiment, experiment

Social media involves a lot of trial and error. Spend some time learning more about each social media platform you use and the different features you can employ. There are many ways to learn about social media: YouTube videos or blogs.

You may also visit the social media pages of successful businesses in your industry to get a few good ideas and inspirations of what else you can do to improve your real estate presence. 

A black tag with the word "Quiz" and some colored pencil on a desk.

Try different ways to engage your audience. For example, hold a poll question, runs a quiz campaign, or a competition with an attractive prize. 

Do an audit of your social media platforms

By auditing the different social media platforms, you can decide where to spend your advertising budget. Ideally, the platform where you get the most engagement is where you should advertise. Alternatively, you can dedicate an advertising budget to build a more substantial presence in a poor-performing platform. The best advice we can give is to consult with a social media marketing expert to help you understand the best place to spend your advertising dollars so that you get the most return on your investment. 


Get Started with Social Media


Final take away

Social media or social media marketing is how people interact when they share their stories and thoughts with other people interested in what they have to say. That said, because of how appealing these platforms can be for marketing brands and businesses who want to convey the story behind the products and services they offer – whether through something like Facebook, Instagram, or even Pinterest! – If you’re interested in sharing your opinions on social media for your business and using it as an effective marketing method, you should get started TODAY!

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