Content Generation with Artificial Intelligence – Unlocking the Power of Creativity



Content creation has become an essential ingredient for people and businesses alike in today’s digital world. The demand for engaging, original, and exceptional content is never-ending. However, we all know how challenging and time-consuming it can be to produce such content.

But don’t worry! There’s a game-changing technology on the horizon that is transforming the way we tackle content creation: artificial intelligence (AI). In this delightful blog post, we’ll take a deep dive into the incredible possibilities of AI in generating content. We’ll explore the benefits, hurdles, and even ethical aspects that come along with it. So, let’s embark on this exciting journey together!

The Rise of AI in Content Generation

AI has emerged as a game-changer in content generation, empowering businesses and individuals to efficiently produce compelling and relevant content. 

Image of a notepad with content marketing strategies

AI-driven tools, such as natural language processing (NLP) algorithms and generative models, can analyze vast amounts of data, extract valuable insights, and generate content that is both engaging and informative. As AI evolves, it will impact various industries, including marketing, journalism, e-commerce, and more.

Furthermore, AI-driven automation streamlines content production, saving time and resources. From automated content research to data analysis, AI can swiftly gather and process information, empowering creators to focus on the most crucial aspect—their creative input.

Decktopus is an innovative online presentation tool designed for the modern era. It empowers you to effortlessly craft flawless presentations, even if you lack design expertise. I have found great value in utilizing Decktopus to create captivating real estate presentations and persuasive proposals for my SAAS solutions. Its user-friendly interface and efficient features have significantly streamlined my workflow, allowing me to achieve impressive results in record time.

Enhancing Creativity with Artificial Intelligence

​In contrast to prevailing notions, AI does not aim to replace human creativity. Instead, it serves as a catalyst, augmenting our imaginative capabilities. Content ideation platforms powered by AI harness the potential of machine learning algorithms to analyze existing content, identify patterns, and generate fresh and innovative ideas. 

By collaborating with AI, creators can embark on a journey of exploration, uncovering new perspectives, overcoming creative hurdles, and refining their content creation process.

Just imagine the possibility of having an AI writing assistant by your side, providing real-time feedback that extends beyond conventional grammar and spelling checks. Picture a companion that offers suggestions for alternative sentence structures, word choices, and even adjustments to tone. 

With the aid of NLP algorithms, these remarkable tools can elevate our storytelling prowess, captivating audiences with compelling narratives that resonate profoundly.

A digital version of a man's head

Optimizing SEO with AI-Generated Content

​Search engine optimization (SEO) plays a crucial role in driving organic traffic to websites and enhancing their visibility in the expansive digital landscape. Thanks to AI-powered tools, content creators now have a wealth of invaluable resources at their fingertips. 

These advanced tools empower them to embark on comprehensive journeys of keyword research, generate captivating topics that engage their audience, and meticulously optimize their content to achieve excellence.

By harnessing AI’s remarkable capabilities, creators can strike a harmonious balance between meeting the demanding requirements of SEO and delivering exceptional content that genuinely resonates with their esteemed audience. This fusion of creativity and technological innovation paves the way for unrivaled online success and a solid foundation for their digital presence to flourish and thrive in the ever-evolving online landscape.

A cartoon image of a young man in the center of various content creation types

Personalization and Hyper-Targeting

​In today’s era of hyper-personalization, the days of relying on one-size-fits-all content are long gone. As the digital landscape evolves, content creators have embraced the power of AI to unlock a world of personalized experiences for their audience. By carefully analyzing user behavior, preferences, and demographics, AI empowers content creators to craft tailored content that resonates on an individual level.

A person holding a tablet with the words "AI" sitting at a table with a cup of coffee

AI’s remarkable insights enable businesses to go beyond generic content and delve into customer-centricity. With a deep understanding of their audience, businesses can now curate content that speaks directly to each customer’s unique needs and desires. The heightened personalization boosts engagement and drives conversions, fostering a stronger sense of brand loyalty among customers.

Through the strategic utilization of AI, content creators and businesses can unlock a powerful tool that revolutionizes how they connect with their audience. By embracing personalization, they pave the way for a future where content is relevant and deeply impactful, forging stronger connections and driving unparalleled success in the digital realm.

Over the past few months, I’ve been relying on AdCreative to supercharge my ad creatives and drive exceptional results. This remarkable tool generates a wide array of ROI-focused ad creatives, empowering teams to establish successful ad campaigns across various social platforms. The impact has been truly remarkable, as I’ve witnessed remarkable outcomes firsthand.

Ethical Considerations and Challenges

​As we embrace the potential of AI in content generation, it is crucial to address the ethical implications and challenges that arise. Ensuring transparency and accountability in AI-generated content is essential to maintain trust and authenticity. 

Striking the right balance between human judgment and AI algorithms is critical to avoid biases and preserve the human touch that connects with audiences. We must preserve the essence of human imagination, emotions, and unique perspectives, ensuring that AI remains a tool for augmentation rather than a replacement.

A portrait of a woman with a conceptual thoughts of AI in her head

Fei-Fei Li once said, ” Making AI more sensitive to the full scope of human thought is no simple task. The solutions will likely require insights from fields beyond computer science, which means programmers must learn to collaborate more often with experts in other domains.”

She recognizes that making AI more sensitive to the entirety of human thought is not an easy undertaking. Achieving this goal will necessitate incorporating insights from disciplines beyond computer science. Consequently, programmers must cultivate a greater propensity for collaboration with experts from various domains.

The Future of Content Generation with AI

​Artificial Intelligence (AI) is leading a revolutionary transformation in content generation, providing content creators with a powerful fusion of human creativity and AI intelligence. The possibilities are boundless and captivating with each stride AI takes in advancement.

Image of a landscape through a crystal ball

By embracing AI as an invaluable ally, creators can streamline their workflows, unleashing their full potential to curate remarkable content that authentically connects with their esteemed audience on a profound level. The horizon of content generation shines brightly with boundless potential, as AI stands firmly as an essential pillar, propelling innovation and reshaping the expansive landscape of creative pursuits.

Final thoughts

​In this age of rapid technological advancements, content generation with AI presents an incredible opportunity for creators and businesses to redefine their creative boundaries. 

A illustration of Space, Earth, and Planets

By embracing AI-powered tools and algorithms, we can unleash our full potential, making content creation faster, more efficient, and more impactful. Let us embark on this exciting journey of exploration, innovation, and collaboration as we unlock the transformative power of AI in content generation.

Fei-Fei Li’s quote, “AI is everywhere. It’s not that big, scary thing in the future. AI is here with us,” highlights the need to ensure that everyone can benefit from artificial intelligence’s transformative capabilities.

We hope this blog post has sparked your interest in the fascinating world of content generation with AI. Please share your thoughts and insights in the comments section below and join our growing community of engaged readers. Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog for more thought-provoking content on the intersection of technology, creativity, and innovation. Together, let’s shape the future of content creation powered by artificial intelligence.

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The Top Ten Tools A Real Estate Agent Should Avoid. If You Don’t Want To Be Successful In 2023.

​One of the core bases of any business is the tools. A real estate firm is no different and has many tools that help a real estate business succeed. However, new software and tools pop up in an ever-changing business climate to grab your attention.

Many people talk about the tools real estate agents need to make themselves more efficient, productive, and potentially profitable. There have been excellent articles on tools one could use to succeed. But what tools do you need to avoid if you want to keep doing business as usual?

Social Media Tools For Real Estate Agents Blog Post Image

​​If you are interested in the right set of tools to be successful – Read on:

A list of the Top Ten tools a real estate agent shouldn’t be without in 2023 or ever

  1. Peppertype
  2. Grammarly
  3. Canva
    1. Bonus Tool #1 – Elevated Agent
    2. Bonus Tool #2 – AdCreative

  4. WritersAccess
  5. WarmWelcome
  6. Beacon
  7. Encharge
  8. Spoke
  9. Airtable
  10. Titus Social Media Management Services

​First and foremost, a good real estate agent will have a strong understanding of the market. They will know the ins and outs of the local market, as well as the trends that are happening nationally. This knowledge is essential to help clients make informed decisions about buying and selling property.

As the real estate industry continues to evolve, so too do the tools of the trade. In 2023, there will be ten essential tools that every real estate agent should have in their arsenal to be successful.

1. Peppertype Artificial Intelligence Tool

​Digital marketing is an ever-changing landscape. In fact, in just the past five years, the real estate industry has seen more changes than it did in the previous 100 years. The introduction of the internet, mobile applications, and big data have ushered in a new way of doing business. But in this sea of change, one thing remains the same: people are still buying and selling homes. Your marketing and how it attracts leads to your business are a big part of the process. Written content is a massive part of that.

In a recent survey, 95% of REALTORS® use email daily, and 57% use social media apps daily. With so much at stake, how can you ensure that you’re creating the right kind of content and writing in a way that will attract buyers and sellers?

Imagine having a personal assistant who can write content for your business—a virtual assistant that can write blog posts, emails, social media updates, and much more—in a fraction of the time it would take you to do it yourself.

Peppertype is a copywriting tool powered by AI that helps you write better and faster. It’s like having your content-writing assistant!


2. Grammarly Artificial Intelligence Tool

Grammarly is a fantastic writing tool that can help you with spelling, grammar, punctuation, word choice, style, tone, and more. Grammarly is designed to help you communicate with confidence. With Grammarly, your writing can be: Better — Grammarly’s proofreading and copyediting solutions identify and correct mistakes, so you can focus on what matters: writing with clarity, style, and intent.

Don’t be afraid to use technology to your benefit. There was a time when people didn’t even trust standard scientific calculators. Look how far we’ve come since then.

Grammarly Artificial Intelligence Tool Image

3. Canva Content Creation Tool

​We real estate agents are a unique bunch. Our industry requires lots of imagination and creativity to generate buzz for a simple service: helping people find a place to live. Imagine how dull these people would be if not for Canva to help them stand out in the crowd!

Canva is an incredible tool where people like you and I can design anything they want. It’s completely free and gives you an edge in the market. With Canva’s easy-to-use tools and templates, you can quickly step up your real estate marketing game. However, I recommend purchasing their Pro Plan because it offers extra creatives and additional creative features, like a Background Remover and Image Resizing.

Canva Content Creation Tool Image

Bonus Tool – Elevated Agent

​Branding and marketing are essential to your success as a real estate agent. But creating high-quality graphics and marketing materials can be time-consuming and expensive. Lucky for you and me, because Elevated Agent created a collection of pre-made branding and marketing templates specifically designed for real estate professionals.

Real estate agents can use Elevated Agent’s pre-made templates to create professional-looking brand and marketing materials. Elevated Agent’s integration with Canva makes it easy to customize any template to fit your unique brand. With a little effort, you can create a professional and cohesive brand that will attract new clients and grow your business in the most effective way possible.


Bonus Tool – AdCreative

​Adcreative is an AI platform that can help take your ad campaigns to the next level by automatically generating stunning, high-performing ad creatives in seconds! The AI-generated creatives have a score indicating the probability of that creative doing well in your ad campaign. AdCreative is an invaluable tool for any real estate agent who wants to create more effective ads.

If you want to improve your ad campaigns, AdCreative is a great tool. It can help you save time and money while also helping you get better ad results.


4. Writer’sAccess Content Creation Tool

​Hire skilled writers, editors, content strategists, designers, illustrators, and animators– all hand-screened, proven freelancers, star rated by customer reviews combined with performance algorithms that remove the guesswork to save you time.

Writer’sAccess is a website that uses AI-powered tools to connect businesses with freelance writers. Businesses can post writing jobs on the site, and writers can then apply for those jobs. Once a writer is hired, they can access the job board and start working on the project.


5. WarmWelcome Client Communication Tool

​Screen recordings, emails, and interactive videos are great ways to communicate with your clients, and WarmWelcome offers the best tools. With our easy-to-use interface, you can quickly create professional-looking videos to engage your clients and get them excited about your products or services.

WarmWelcome is the best way to keep your clients updated on your progress and ensure everyone is on the same page.

A WarmWelcome Client Communication Tool GIF

6. Beacon Lead Generation Tool

Beacon is an all-in-one tool that helps you create professional lead magnets, eBooks, Checklists, Resource Guides, Workbooks, opt-in forms, and resource libraries. Beacon makes it easy to capture leads and turn them into customers. With Beacon, you can create beautiful, professional lead magnets optimized for conversion.  

Beacon also makes it easy to create opt-in forms that are sleek and easy to use. With Beacon’s resource library feature, you can easily create a library of resources that your leads can access.


7. Encharge Email Marketing Tool

​Encharge is a powerful marketing automation tool that can help you run email marketing campaigns and convert your visitors into customers. Send emails based on what people do on your website and in your product, and automate your marketing process across the user journey. Encharge allows you to easily create and manage email marketing campaigns, track results, and grow your business.

Encharge Email Marketing Tool Image

8. Spoke Meeting Automation Tool

​Nowadays, video meetings have become an integral part of our work lives. They help us stay connected with our colleagues, clients, and customers, no matter where we are. But with so many meetings to attend, it can be hard to keep up. That’s where AI and automation come in.

By recording meetings and taking intelligent notes, AI can help you stay on top of what’s said during the meeting. You can also use video clips and recordings to create meeting highlights and quickly reference critical points later.

With AI and automation, you can record your meetings, create video clips, and take intelligent notes. The Spoke app has mastered the chore of meeting minutes. With the right tools, like Spoke, you can outsmart video meetings and make them work for you, and you’ll never miss a beat, stay connected and productive, even when the meeting gets chaotic, and always be prepared for your next meeting.

Spoke Meeting Automation Tool

9. Airtable Database Transformation Tool

​Airtable is a game-changing platform that makes it easy to build custom applications. By streamlining just about any process, workflow, or project, Airtable makes it easy to get work done and get things done quickly. And because Airtable is cloud-based, you can access your applications from anywhere, anytime. So whether you’re at the office, home, or on the go, Airtable makes it easy to get work done.

There’s no need to worry about coding or complex infrastructure – Airtable takes care of everything for you. So whether you’re looking to streamline your business processes, manage a team project or anything in between, Airtable is the perfect solution.

It’s simple to start with Airtable – create a base, add some fields and records, and you’re ready to go! Airtable also offers powerful features for more advanced users, such as formulas, lookups, and attachments.

Airtable Database Transformation Tool

10. Social Media Services Tool with Titus Media Solutions

​Social media marketing can be challenging for real estate professionals. You’re trying to juggle so many ***** – keeping up your online presence, growing your business, and reaching your target audience. That’s where we come in. We offer affordable and effective social media marketing services at Titus Media Solutions.

We can help you with content marketing, scheduling posts, analyzing your performance, and more. Our team of social media experts has a wealth of experience in all aspects of social media marketing. And we’re committed to helping our clients achieve results. So if you’re feeling overwhelmed by social media, reach out. We’d be happy to help you grow your business and get the most out of social media.

Social Media Services Tool with Titus Media Solutions Image

To Sum Things Up

​As a real estate agent, I’m always looking for an edge over the competition. Staying ahead of the curve is essential to a successful real estate business, and that’s why social media management is such a hot topic. Having successful social media accounts can help draw traffic to your business, so you want to ensure your social media accounts are ready to handle the influx of traffic that comes with a successful real estate business. By working with a social media management company, you can rest assured that your accounts are in good hands and that you’re staying ahead of the curve.

As a real estate agent, you know that there are a lot of tools out there and that not every tool will be worth your time. So which ones should you use and which ones should you avoid? We hope this blog post on “The Top Ten Tools A Real Estate Agent Should Avoid. If You Don’t Want To Be Successful In 2023” was helpful.

Ten Tool A Real Estate Agent Shouldn't Be Without In 2023 Image

​And I hope you have enjoyed reading my latest blog post. I operate a small business dedicated to helping other solo real estate agents and small business owners like you grow and thrive in the coming years. Stay tuned to the website for more tips on real estate business survival tools like social media management, and be sure to follow our blog by signing up for our newsletter. Thank you for reading!

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Automation in real estate: what it is and how it can help you?


So, what is automation in real estate? And how can it help you?

The real estate industry has been notoriously slow to adopt new technologies. However, as the industry landscape changes and competition increases, automation is becoming more and more popular. 

Automation is a word that gets tossed around quite a bit, but it’s rarely actually defined. An article from Techopedia defined automation as “…automation is the creation and application of technologies to produce and deliver goods and services with minimal human intervention.” In other words, it’s the process of using technology to do the work of human beings. ​

Real estate is a highly competitive industry. Even though there are thousands of agents and millions of properties to sell, nearly all of them are unique, making each sale a unique experience and more challenging to sell. Still, technology is changing the real estate industry. Automation in real estate makes it easier for real estate agents to sell homes and for homebuyers to find the home of their dreams. In our fast-paced, high-tech world, there’s no way to get around it: Everything is becoming increasingly automated. Our cars, phones, and homes are increasingly self-driving, self-operating, and self-cleaning. Everything is getting more manageable, and the real estate industry is no exception.

Automation can help you put your business on autopilot, which you’ll want to take advantage of as often as possible. Automation could be the answer if you’re looking for ways to streamline your real estate business. This blog post will explore what automation is and how it can help you.


As proud affiliates for some of the resources/tools shown or listed in this article, I/we at {Titus Media Solutions, LLC} commission when you click a link for a solution/resource or gadget and make a qualifying purchase. It is, however, at no extra cost to you, and in some cases, provides you with a discount.

A blog post image of a robot (chatbot) controlling real estate business automation

What is automation and how can it be used in real estate?

Automation in real estate can help you speed up transactions and processes and ultimately save time and money. It can be a game-changer for real estate professionals looking to free up time to focus on getting clients through the door. Automation can help with anything from marketing and lead generation to transaction management and contract preparation. Real estate professionals can improve their efficiency and bottom line by using technology to automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks.

When it comes to automating various tasks in the real estate business, there are several software platforms and apps available that can be extremely helpful. For example, some platforms can assist with marketing and lead generation, transaction management, contract preparation, listing description generation, and more. When selecting a platform or app to use for automation purposes, it is essential to choose one that will integrate well with your current systems and workflows.

Blog Post Image - Automation in real estate

Additionally, you will want to consider the cost of the platform or app and its features and functionality. Automation can benefit various aspects of your real estate business and is worth considering if you want to improve your business.

What are the benefits of using automation in your real estate business?

​Real estate automation can offer many benefits, including improved efficiency, accuracy, and cost reductions. You can automate your business process or specific aspects, such as lead generation or social media management. Automation is a powerful tool to help you get the most out of your real estate business.

I know what you’re thinking. You’re rolling your eyes and probably thinking, “I don’t have time for this!” Or, “I don’t have the money for this,” or, “I don’t see how this will help my business.” But honestly, you’re mistaken.

Blog Post Image - Automation in real estate

Here are some ways it can benefit you:

Automation can save you time.

While you might be skeptical of automation, there are many practical reasons to use it. In a field like real estate, where being available at any given time of the day or night is crucial to success, automation is a great way to streamline this. You can use automation to automatically follow up with potential clients and schedule appointments with them. There are some bots out there designed to do this for you. 

With automation, you can focus on the tasks that matter most to your business. Whether generating revenue or keeping your operations running smoothly, automation can help you save time and get more done. Plus, it can free up your team to work on other vital projects.

Automation can save you money.

One of the ways automation can save you money is by performing outbound customer service tasks, such as emailing leads. If you have an assistant who works for you, you’ll likely have to pay them to perform these tasks. However, we’ve found that using automation to perform lead generation for real estate agents can save money because you won’t have to pay an assistant and can still secure more clients.

Automation can make you money.

Automating your social media is not only a cost-effective option but also a profitable one. Automating your social media posts can help you gain more exposure to your brand and real estate content, which means more eyes on your content. More eyes on your content could mean more buyers, which could mean more money.

Blog Post Image - Automation in real estate

Automation can do a lot, but you need the right tools.

It’s no secret that the best social media profiles are well-managed. With the right software, you can automate and schedule content to engage with your audience, taking some of the stress out of the daily grind! Automating posts and scheduling them optimally allows you to use your time for other essential tasks.

Automation can do a lot, but you need the right tools. Several options are available when it comes to automating your real estate business.

Tools like ManyChat – a leading messaging chatbot platform; – an AI content writing tool miles ahead of the competition; – an AI-powered video generation and software editing tool; Etch Encoder – which creates customized QR codes, BarkBoxTTS – a next-generation text-to-speech tool. And AdCreative – is an AI platform that generates hundreds of stunning, high-performing ad creatives in seconds, each of which can help you with your marketing creativity.

Suppose you’re looking for a way to pass data or perform actions automatically by connecting various tools. Make‘s (formerly Integromat) drag-and-drop interface allows you to connect numerous applications in just a few clicks, and we couldn’t recommend it more highly. With WarmWelcome – You can use personal video emails to answer questions and video email signatures to drive traffic and improve customer relationships.

Suppose you are looking for software designed for social media management. In that case, we provide Social Media Services and offer a Free 7-day trial period so that you can see just how useful our software is.

Automation tools can be a huge help in growing your real estate business. One of the best benefits is that it can give you extra time. We all have the same amount of time available, but automation allows you to use it more wisely. So you can spend that “extra” time doing things you love, like taking a vacation, hanging out with family, or pursuing a hobby. Automation is an excellent option to improve your real estate business’s efficiency and bottom line.

How Can Automation in Real Estate Help You?

​Automation in real estate can help you in many ways. The world of real estate can be exceptionally challenging, including managing numerous properties, each with perplexing circumstances. Any method for making your activity less demanding and increasingly effective is a significant addition, including making your job easier and allowing you to save time and money. Artificial Intelligence can help you in various ways throughout your business; it can save you time – time you can use to make more money!

Blog Post Image - Automation in real estate

For example, you can use automation to manage the details of your listings. This way, you’ll always know what stage a real estate listing is in and will be able to take appropriate action. Airtable is exceptionally adept at these tasks. Using Airtable will allow you to manage your properties, assign tasks, send automatic emails, manage your finances, keep track of expenses, and generate reports. If you’re interested in gaining a solid foundation in the features of Airtable, check out @GarethPronovost over at GAP Consulting. I’ve taken a few of their courses, and I’m glad I did.

In Conclusion

The real estate industry can be a challenging one to break into, with a well-established industry and many powerful companies already in place. For solo agents looking to start their businesses, the problem is even worse! Establishing a name for yourself, attracting a growing customer base, maintaining relationships with your customers, and more prove quite challenging, especially when you’re operating as a solo agent. Automation is a great way to get around these problems.

Marketing automation software can help real estate agents better communicate with their clients, improve lead generation and even help with time management, allowing real estate agents to spend more time focusing on clients.

Blog Post Image - Automation in real estate

We hope you enjoyed our article about automation in real estate. We know that today’s market offers many opportunities for real estate agents looking for the latest tech to help with creativity, lead generation, and everything in between.

We hope to see you on our blog soon, where we will continue providing valuable information on automation and artificial intelligence in real estate. If you want to stay updated with information that can help your business, please sign up for our newsletter for more insight.

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10 Tips to Create an Engaging Quiz For Your Business

Table of contents


An engaging quiz can bring significant results to your real estate business.

​An alluring quiz is a great way to bring your site’s visitors to the next level of engagement. A quiz can lead your readers to different resources related to the topic of the quiz. In other words, an engaging quiz will make your readers stay on your website longer.

Quizzes can be a fun and compelling way for real estate agents to generate leads and convert them into paying clients. Quizzes provide users with insightful recommendations, enticing results, and a sense of gamification that makes them popular among users. By taking advantage of quizzes, real estate agents can increase their chances of success in the industry.

However, creating an engaging quiz to keep your real estate audience engaged can take time and effort. So, what makes for a successful quiz? How do you get your readers hooked and coming back for more?


As proud affiliates for some of the resources/tools shown or listed in this article, I/we at {Titus Media Solutions, LLC} commission when you click a link for a solution/resource or gadget and make a qualifying purchase. It is, however, at no extra cost to you, and in some cases, provides you with a discount.

If you’re looking to add an engaging quiz to your real estate marketing strategy, here are ten tips to get you started

Blog Post Image Version a cartoon version of a teacher giving a student a quiz

Tip One: Start with a catchy title that reflects the subject matter of your quiz.

You can’t expect a lot of excitement from your users if your quiz topic isn’t interesting. An excellent way to come up with a subject that will be well-received by your target audience is to think about their needs regarding real estate.

For example, a question like “Which Would You Choose” ” – Farmhouse or Townhouse?”, ” – Lake View or Pool View?” or ” – Marble or Butcher-block Countertops?” is sure to get them thinking.

And remember, short, interesting topics will keep your audience excited to answer the next and the next one.

Blog Image -  a woman in a Hijab asking are you "Ready For A Quiz?"

Tip Two: Make sure your questions are relevant to your audience

When creating questions for your quiz, it is essential to consider your audience’s level of interest and expertise to help you create challenging and exciting questions for the quiz. If you target young adults in the tech industry interested in shopping, coffee shops, and nightlife, you will want to keep your questions focused on that demographic. On the other hand, if your target audience is looking for a fenced-in yard with lots of square footage, you will need to create questions that are unique to that particular demographic.

An image of a woman with a mobile phone - A quality quiz is engaging

Either way, by considering your audience’s level of interest and expertise, you can create a quiz that is both enjoyable and informative.

Tip Three: Use images and videos to add visual interest to your quiz

2022 is the year of the “short attention span,” so make sure your real estate quizzes are engaging by using images. Adding pictures and video will break up the quiz, provide visual clues, and increase engagement rates. Create image answers and image questions to increase the engagement rates of your real estate quizzes. Image questions, in particular, allow you to be creative by asking your audience to spot the difference or complete a famous movie quote with the added content of the actual scene.

If you want people to enjoy taking your quiz, you can do a few things to make it appealing! Choose an attractive color scheme and use an easy-to-read font. You can also add visual elements like images and videos to break up the text and make it more engaging.

Engaging Content - An image of a laptop with paper rocket blasting off from the screen

The goal is to create a professional and inviting quiz so that people will be more likely to stick with it until the end. Following these simple tips will help you create a quiz that people will love taking!

Tip Four: Make the quiz mobile-friendly

As more and more people use mobile devices to access the internet, it’s essential to ensure your quiz is mobile-friendly to reach today’s internet users. You can make the quiz interactive and easy to use on various devices. Optimizing your quiz for mobile devices will keep people engaged and ensure they have a great experience on the go.

An image of Three Women with Smartphones - A Quiz To-Go

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

First, use a responsive design that will adjust to different screen sizes.

Second, ensure the font size is large enough to read on a small screen.

Third, use large buttons and icons, and space them out, so they’re easy to tap.

Fourth, try to keep the number of questions in each quiz reasonably low so that users don’t feel overwhelmed.

Finally, the quiz should be tested on various mobile devices to ensure compatibility and identify potential issues.

Tip Five: The quiz should have a clear Call To Action

​When you create a quiz, include a clear call to action for your users, letting the consumer know what you expect them to do with the quiz results and how you plan to use the data. For example, you might say, “Take this quiz to find out which Harry Potter character you are!” or “Click here to take the quiz!” or you might ask them to “share the quiz with their friends” or “sign up for your newsletter.”

An image of an arrow hitting a "Bullseye" - a quiz with a clear call to action

Whichever action you want your audience to take, make sure it is clear and concise. The last thing you want is for your audience to be confused about what to expect or how to proceed with the quiz. So take the time to write out a clear and compelling call to action one that is prominently displayed, and you’ll be sure to see positive results.

Tip Six: Use analytics to track engagement and analyze quiz results

​Real estate agents should create a quiz for their website because it is a very engaging way to collect information about the user’s interests and preferences and then analyze the information to connect potential clients with the most relevant services.

Using a quiz allows real estate agents to create targeted content and visitors to interact with topics relevant to them, creating user engagement. By creating a quiz for your website, you can give your visitors a better experience, improve your conversion rate, and get a deeper insight into what your visitors want by asking the right questions.

Analytics is your friend when it comes to quizzes. Use them:

  • to track engagement and analyze results,
  • to see how many people answered each question,
  • to see how they answered, and
  • to see where they dropped off so you can make your quiz the best it can be for your business.
An image of a person looking at homes on Michael Brannon's real estate website

Real estate agents can create a quiz for their website using a tool like TryInteractdotcom, they provide everything you need to know to launch your first quiz!

Tip Seven: Create a sharing strategy so that quiz takers can share their results with others

​Quizzes are becoming increasingly popular on social media. The target audience user must be able to share the quiz results on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and WhatsApp. A successful online quiz has the potential to reach 4.20 billion social media users around the world. So, take full advantage of this opportunity!

Giving them a way to share their quiz results is a great way to engage them with your brand. It can also be a great way to generate word-of-mouth marketing for your business. There are a few different ways you can go about doing this.

Giving them a way to share their quiz results is a great way to engage them with your brand. It can also be a great way to generate word-of-mouth marketing for your business. There are a few different ways you can go about doing this.

One option is to create a shareable image that your customers can post on social media. Perhaps a simple graphic with their results and your logo. You could also include a call-to-action, such as encouraging them to tag a friend who would enjoy taking the quiz.

Another option is to create a shareable link that customers can email or post to social media. Perhaps a quiz link or a landing page with their results. You could also include a call-to-action encouraging them to sign up for your email list or follow you on social media.

An image of a notebook with "Customer Engagement" embossed on a notebook

Whatever approach you take, make it easy for customers to share their results. The more people see it, the more likely you will get new real estate clients.

Tip Eight: Promote your quiz through social media and other channels

​It is beneficial to market the quiz through various marketing channels. Posting the quiz on social media regularly rather than just once will get more visitors and social media shares.

Global internet penetration now stands at 59.5 percent, almost 5 billion people. As a real estate agent, your clients and potential real estate clients become “Brand Ambassadors” because when they share their results, the quiz gets “promoted” for more of those 5 million people to see.

An image of a "Brand Ambassador" for Michael Brannon the military relocation real estate agent

It’s also a good idea to mention the quiz in your newsletter or perhaps promote your quiz inside your email signature, easily capturing the interest of your sphere of influence.

Tip Nine: Make sure you follow up with quiz takers after they’ve completed the quiz

​A quiz can be an excellent tool for your business. Many real estate agents use quizzes to help their clients understand how much they are paying in property taxes and the process they will go through to sell their homes. Quizzes help real estate agents to develop stronger relationships with their clients and get them to list their homes with you. But after users complete a quiz, don’t just abandon them.

An image of the word "STRATEGY"

A great way to do this is to provide a “Thank You” page, or by adding a follow-up email, you can encourage your users to reach out to you. By following up with your users, you can answer questions they might have, and you can also provide them with information about your real estate services or products.

Tip Ten: After you create your quiz, ensure you test, test, and re-test

​There is no doubt that quizzes are a potent conversion tool, but what’s equally valid is that you need to test your quiz to ensure it’s working well. Test your quiz before launching it, and listen to the feedback you get after its launch. The more you test your quiz, the more you optimize it to work well for your audience.

Set up different test groups of people and ask them to take your quiz to get their feedback. When you get the results, you can then take the feedback and make changes to your quiz. Once you have optimized your quiz, re-launch it and monitor the results you are getting. You will start to see which version of the quiz is getting the best results, and then you can focus your efforts on the groups of people that responded to the quiz.

An image of the word "Quiz"

Keep in mind that writing a quiz is a process that requires time and effort to perfect. With that in mind, stop procrastinating and get started!

Bonus Tip:

Enroll in Interact’s free to build your quiz, launch it effectively, grow your email list and boost your income!3-Day Mastermind Challenge

An image of a woman at a table with a cup of coffee, and a laptop

Final Takeaway

​Quizzes are becoming increasingly popular in marketing and can be used to track and gather information about your potential customers, which can later be stored and analyzed.

If you want to generate more leads and increase conversions in your real estate business, incorporating quizzes into your marketing efforts is critical. Interact Quiz maker is an excellent tool for creating and launching quizzes that engage your audience. Try it out at TryInteractdotcom or Book a Demo to learn more.

Make sure to have fun with your quiz! If you want people to enjoy taking it, it’s crucial to make it appealing. Which means choosing an attractive color scheme, using an easy-to-read font, and adding images or other visual elements to break up the text. The goal is to create a professional and inviting quiz so that people will be more likely to stick with it until the end.

An image of the number "10" with balloons and the word "TIPS"

A quiz is a great way to engage your audience and get them involved in your brand and your content, and we hope you enjoyed our post about tips on how to use an engaging quiz in your real estate business. To dive deeper into the topic, check out our other posts for more tips. By the way, if you liked this blog post, I also recommend that you sign up for our newsletter to receive our content directly in your inbox. Thank you for reading!

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3 Easy Steps On How To Choose The Best Video Marketing System For Your Real Estate Business



​Video marketing is a great way to advertise your real estate business. Video marketing will help your business drive more leads and increase your conversion rate. If you are starting or want to revamp your marketing strategy, you should consider using a video marketing system to ensure maximum engagement with your audience.

What is the best video marketing system for your real estate business? That is an important question. However, determining the best video marketing system for your real estate business can be challenging. Check out this blog for three easy steps to choose the best video marketing system for your business, so you can start improving your audience engagement today.

Video Marketing Blog image of a marshmallow man stacking blocks - "E" , "A" , "S" , "Y"


As proud affiliates for some of the resources/tools shown or listed in this article, I/we at {Titus Media Solutions, LLC} commission when you click a link for a solution/resource or gadget and make a qualifying purchase. It is, however, at no extra cost to you, and in some cases, provides you with a discount.

What are the benefits of video marketing in your real estate business?

​Video marketing systems can help you emerge as a prominent name amongst the competition by improving your search engine results. Videos give potential clients a better idea of what you offer. A video could lead to a “click” on your listings rather than those of other competing agents. Videos also provide credibility and build trustworthiness when you are talking about your services, and they offer a very interactive way to convert customers into clients.

Videos can help build trust and lead to potential new customers. And you don’t even have to be a star on the screen to use video. Funny enough, no one remembers the actors shown in infomercials, but that does not mean those ads were ineffective in moving merchandise! If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine how much a 30-second video is worth. The key here is knowing what your audience wants to hear from you – focus on specific issues or pain points, then highlight your solutions.

Step One: Define your video marketing goals

​Video marketing is one of the most powerful forms of digital marketing today. It can engage and connect with your audience in ways other digital marketing media channels cannot. However, creating a successful video marketing campaign does not happen overnight.

When planning your real estate marketing strategy, you must consider your goals and objectives. Video marketing can be a great way to reach your target audience, but if you don’t define your goals and objectives, you could find that video marketing isn’t adequate for your business.

For example, if you want to maximize the number of leads you get from video marketing, you may want to consider using video hosting platforms that allow you to track leads and conversions.

Will you use video purely for marketing and advertising, or do you plan to use the video for training purposes and product demonstrations? Is your content going to be directed at first-time home buyers or empty-nesters? With the correct information and, more importantly, the right questions answered, you’ll be on the right track toward using video marketing for your business.

Defining your goals is the first step to any successful marketing campaign, which is even more true regarding video marketing. Without goals, you’re just shooting videos without a specific purpose. It’s difficult to tell if you’re making progress, and if you’re not, it’s not worth it in the first place.

Don’t forget a successful video marketing strategy that takes time, effort, and a cohesive plan to develop and execute.
Video Marketing Blog Image of a chalkboard with "Video Marketing" strategy topics

Step Two: Evaluate the different video marketing platforms

​Video marketing can be a great way to promote your real estate business. It’s incredible how often people sit down to watch a video, especially if it’s entertaining and has valuable information. Most people find videos more enjoyable than reading about a subject. They grab people’s attention, get them more invested in the subject, and allow you to convey more information quickly, and social media platforms have made video marketing practical and affordable.

Video marketing is the most popular form of content marketing these days. However, it’s not as simple as it sounds. You need to choose a platform that aligns with your message. There are a variety of platforms available. For example, are you planning to use YouTube, Vimeo, or Wistia? What about hosting your real estate videos on Facebook or other social media platforms? Also, there are advanced options, such as using an HTML5 player hosted on your website to create videos that can play well on many platforms without needing third-party technology.

Success with video marketing depends on what your video is about, your target audience, and how you plan to use the videos. For example, if you’re doing a property walk-thru or an open house video, you could use YouTube, Vimeo, or Wistia. However, if you plan to embed them on your website or inside a “members only” platform, then an HTML5 solution might be a better choice.

Don’t forget that each tool’s features vary, so it’s a good idea to know your requirements compared to what the system can or can’t do.
Video Marketing Blog Image of a man holding a tablet playing a video

Step Three: Choose the right video platform for your real estate business

​It can be hard to know which platform you should use. Luckily, we’re here to help you out! To start, you should look at the demographics of the platforms you’re interested in, i.e., where you want to grow. There are so many platforms available these days. Whether you’re looking to create videos for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Pinterest, or another platform, there’s a perfect system for your needs.

YouTube – YouTube is an excellent way for people to share their videos with the world. You can watch, like, share, and comment on other people’s videos and even upload your own! YouTube is free for both users and creators, and it’s one of the most popular video-sharing sites on the web.

Video Marketing Blog Image of a chart showing social media platform usage

Statista says that 62% of global consumers use YouTube. That’s a lot of people! And it’s not just for watching cat videos, either. You can find educational content, how-tos, and much more.

Pro Tip: Ensure you create a Tubebuddy account and use it to craft a strong SEO video strategy.

Vimeo – 

Vimeo is a video-sharing platform for businesses and content creators who want to take advantage of features like live-streaming and customization. Vimeo doesn’t have any ads, and it earns revenue by offering Software as a Service (SaaS) such as video creation, editing, broadcasting tools, and client connection subscription plans.

Wistia – 

Designed to help make your video marketing efforts as successful as possible. The Wistia platform is explicitly designed for B2B marketers and provides everything you need to create, host, and measure the impact of your videos. Plus, they don’t show competitors’ ads or recommended videos, so your real estate clients can focus on your content.

HTML5 player – 

An HTML5 video player is a great way to improve the look and feel of your web pages. Using a custom set of controls, you can create a consistent look and feel across all HTML5 browsers. Plus, by using a JavaScript library, you can easily add additional features and functionality to your video player.

Video Marketing Blog Image of real estate company researching client social media behavior

So how do you know what will be best for your business? It may help to think about where your audience spends their time. If your audience niche is primarily on Facebook, you’ll want to focus there. If they spend a lot of time on YouTube, TikTok, or Instagram, that’s where you need to be. Imagine your future client is watching an Open House event that you hosted on Facebook last year – how powerful would that be for your marketing credibility? Likewise, if you hosted a video about the “The Home Buying Process” on YouTube – wouldn’t that be a great piece of evergreen content for your real estate video library?

Knowing your audience and what platforms they’re using is crucial. In addition to audience intelligence, you’ll also want to find something easy to learn but powerful enough to be effective with your business. Keeping these tips in mind will ensure you have an easier time finding the right video marketing software.

Don’t forget it will always be essential to engage with your audience and ensure that you’re posting high-quality video content to help your business grow, no matter which platform you choose to explore.
Video Marketing Blog Image of a beautiful woman engaging with her clients on social media

Pro Tip:
Don’t sleep on Pinterest. According to Statista, 47 percent of respondents used Pinterest to find or shop for products, a rate that no other social platform could match.

Video Marketing Blog Image of a chart showing a 47% Pinterest usage for shopping

Wrapping it up

​Video marketing is a great way to reach people, share your message, and build brand loyalty. But when it comes to video marketing, there are a lot of options. Choosing and implementing a video marketing system for your real estate business can be time-consuming. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the variety of excellent marketing systems. Not to fear; if you keep certain things in mind before choosing, you should overcome that fear with relative ease.

We suggest that you take an intense look at Descript, mmHmm, or Spoke; each one is an industry-leading video platform with powerful features that will allow you to integrate video marketing into your business strategies seamlessly. By the way, Spoke offers an easy way to upload your long-form video and convert them into bite-sized pieces perfect for uploading to popular social media platforms.

Video Marketing Blog Image of a female real estate agent in a suit taking 3 easy steps

We hope this blog post has helped you understand the essential factors to consider when choosing a video marketing system. With some careful thought, you can find a video marketing system that works well for your business and helps you reach your goals. It’s a lot of work to choose the right video marketing strategy, but with the right system, you can find success in your real estate business.

If you’d like to learn about other video marketing systems you can use in your real estate business, visit our website and click on our “Resource” page. Thanks for your time.

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A Strong Distribution Strategy Is The Key To Gaining Exposure For Your Real Estate Blog Posts



​Posting to social media is a critical ingredient in any successful distribution strategy. But as crucial as it is, social media can suck up a lot of time. It would help if you dedicated your time to listing appointments or home showings instead of creating and posting content, which takes precious time from other time-intensive areas of your business.

Every real estate business needs a blog as a part of its digital marketing strategy. The challenge is getting the most return from the investment. Developing a successful blogging strategy can be very frustrating, especially if you are blogging for the first time. And often, even seasoned bloggers are so focused on creating content that they forget about gaining exposure for their content.

Marketers, specific bloggers, have used a variety of ways to gain exposure by getting their content in front of viewers. A well-thought-out distribution strategy can provide you with untold benefits. How do you generate traffic for your blog posts?

A man in a suit holding a laptop looking at his distribution strategy - an image of the globe with an airplane, a truck, and a ship in the background

Missinglettr is key to gaining exposure for your real estate blog posts

​In this blog post, we’ll talk about the features of Missinglettr and how it can help you improve the exposure of your content and your social media game, taking them to the next level.


As proud affiliates for some of the resources/tools shown or listed in this article, I/we at {Titus Media Solutions, LLC} commission when you click a link for a solution/resource or gadget and make a qualifying purchase. It is, however, at no extra cost to you, and in some cases, provides you with a discount.

What is Missinglettr?

An image of the Missinglettr Splash page - Grow your social presence the smart way.

Missinglettr is a unique and innovative tool that is easy to use. It’s a social media tool designed to automate your social media posting. It allows you to upload your blog articles and convert them into campaigns that can be shared directly to social media, which will help you gain more exposure for your real estate blog posts.

If you’re looking for a way to step up your content distribution and social media marketing game, Missinglettr might be just what you need.

How can Missinglettr help you gain exposure for your real estate blog posts?

​If you want to create a social media campaign that will make an impact, then you should consider using Missinglettr. Thanks to its unique features, Missinglettr can help you create real estate social media campaigns and a distribution strategy that will get results.

So what are the key features of Missinglettr that can help you maximize your real estate distribution?

An image of Distribution Channels

The Sidebar – Missinglettr

​The sidebar is your “control center” in Missinglettr. By hovering over the sidebar, you’ll see the options available to you, broken down into “Tabs”: Dashboard, Campaigns, Curate, Schedule, Analytics, and Settings. Each tab contains different features that will help you navigate Missinglettr.

So, the sidebar is the place to go whether you want to see an overview of your progress or plan your campaign schedule.

The Dashboard Tab – Missinglettr

Once you connect your social media accounts to Missinglettr, your Dashboard will show you an overview of your performance (expect to see a 30-day snapshot of how you’ve been doing.) The Analytics Tab is the place to go for a more detailed breakdown.

You’ll also see a snapshot of your posting health, including the ratio of post types, average posting frequency, and how many posts are in the queue.

The Dashboard will also give you “Recommended Actions,” including curated post suggestions and a list of social media posts scheduled to go live in the coming days.

An image of the Missinglettr Dashboard Tab

The Campaigns Tab – Missinglettr

​Social Media Drip Campaigns are a great way to keep your social media accounts active without constantly creating new content. Missinglettr will automatically craft beautifully generated social media posts whenever you publish a new blog post. Thanks to Missinglettr’s AI technology, which analyzes your blog posts and looks for the best ones to share on social media. With this feature, you can be sure that your social media accounts are always up-to-date!

So, if you have a bunch of old blog posts that you want to give new life to, or if you’re regularly publishing new ones, drip campaigns are the perfect solution for eye-catching content that drives traffic to your blog.

An image of the Missinglettr Campaign Tab

Creating eye-catching content is as easy as 1-2-3. Once you’ve added your content source(s) (RSS Feeds, YouTube channels, etc.) to Missinglettr, all you need to do is publish your blog posts as usual. Missinglettr will automatically create a drip campaign for you, and all you need to do is review and approve the campaign. If you want to make any adjustments, this is the time to do so.

Missinglettr will identify the best quotes from your blog posts and find the right hashtags to use, so you can be sure that your content will reach the widest audience possible on social media. If you’re a bit of a control freak, don’t worry – you can also edit the generated quotes.

Drip Campaigns 

They are divided into three columns: “Active,” “Drafts,” and “Completed.”
Any campaigns automatically created from previously entered content sources are awaiting your review and Approval. You can also add a new campaign by clicking the “(+) plus” button to create your campaign. You’ll need to enter the URL of the blog post you want Missinglettr to use to generate a campaign.

When the Active Posts are displayed, you can view a snapshot of the current campaigns, including the type of campaign, how far the campaign has progressed, and how many clicks it has received.

When the Draft Posts are displayed, you can view the campaigns awaiting your review and Approval. Clicking on each post will open up additional options.

When the Completed Posts are displayed, you can view the campaigns that have run their course. Clicking on each post will open up additional options.

Pro Tips:
  • Ensure you integrate with Medium and turn it on to send the post to Medium dot com.
  • Ensure you’ve set the “update blog post” reminder, especially for evergreen posts.


The Curate Tab – Missinglettr

​With Curate (A social media marketing feature that Missinglettr offers as an optional add-on.), you can easily find engaging content to share with your audience. You can also use the platform to share your content with other Missinglettr users.

An image of the Missinglettr Curate Tab - Browse by Publisher

Don’t sleep on the Curate add-on. One might think sharing content from other creators is counterintuitive. However, it’s a great way to get interaction on your social media feeds. I receive activity daily from the content I’ve shared from various authors thanks to Missinglettr’s tagging function. The Curate add-on is an excellent way to network with new people in your industry. 

Remember the theory of reciprocity – sharing others’ content will likely result in more of your content being shared. So be sure to add your content to the Missinglettr community!

An image of the Missinglettr Curate Tab - Promote

The Schedule Tab – Missinglettr

​The Schedule feature is one of the essential aspects of Missinglettr. It allows users to manage and review all the content scheduled to post to their social media channels. The Schedule makes it easy for users to see the content scheduled to post and when and what content is a part of a drip campaign. The schedule feature makes it an ideal tool for bloggers who want to get better at content marketing.

An image of the Missinglettr Schedule Tab

​The Schedule is in a calendar format designed to help you see all the content you have lined up for publishing, so you can better plan your social media strategy. With Missinglettr, you can view all your entries at once or use the filter options to find a particular post.

For example, you can filter the entries by their Posting Status (Published, Scheduled, Awaiting Approval, etc.) or by Tags (Drip Campaign, Curated Content, etc.). You can also filter them by Workspace, and if there are multiple accounts or users, you can filter by name.

You can toggle the Schedule to show entries by day, week, or month. This way, you can see a “macro” or a “micro” view depending on your needs. You can drag-and-drop any post and place it on any other day you choose – easy peasy.

The Analytics Tab – Missinglettr

​The Analytics Tab is a great place to start if you’re looking for insights into your social media performance. You can easily view all your data from within Missinglettr without logging into different social media sites, making it easy to see how your social profiles perform.

The Analytics section contains details about your online presence on social media sites and a few details about your audience and the traffic you’re generating.

You’ll see how many total clicks you got during a set timeframe and your top drip campaigns. There’s also a chart that shows what browsers people used to find your content and the operating system used.

A section also tells you what time of the day you get the most clicks. You can use the data you gathered to improve how you use this social media tool to connect with your followers.

An image of the Missinglettr Analytics Tab

The Settings Tab – Missinglettr

​You have the power to tailor your Missinglettr experience and suit your needs by adjusting the various settings. The Settings Tab is where you’ll connect your social profiles. You can also change your date and time settings and any blackout dates and times.

If you want, you can customize your appearance by choosing a custom font. Additionally, you can select from various templates and customize them, so they fit your brand perfectly.
In the Settings tab, you can update your Curate settings, toggle between hashtag options, manage UTM parameters, add default hashtags, insert an RSS feed as a content source, and activate a URL shortener.

For your information, Missinglettr provides a URL shortener, but you could use a third-party shortener if you want to add a custom URL. And the Blacklist subsection is a handy place to enter words or phrases you’d like Missinglettr to ignore when generating Drip Campaigns.

What will it cost to get in on the Missinglettr gravy train? Good question. Let’s talk about Pricing Plans

First, the good news, Missinglettr has a free trial that allows you to try out any “paid plan” for 14 days. And you don’t even have to enter your credit card information to sign up.

An image of the Missinglettr Pricing Plan

Try Missinglettr Free

The free trial is perfect for bloggers who are just starting and want to see if the platform is a good fit for them. If it doesn’t work out or the timing isn’t right, no problem! You can sign up for the “Free Forever” version, which has minimal features but is still an excellent option for new bloggers.

An image of Distribution Channels - Planes, trains, boats, and trucks

If you’re looking to use Missinglettr to promote your content to other bloggers, please be aware that you’ll need to purchase the Curate add-on. It’s an additional $49 per month on top of the price of your plan. With the add-on, you’ll have access to all of Curate’s features, including content promotion. You will be able to browse and share content through the Curate Tab. However, without the add-on, you can’t promote your content to the Missinglettr community of bloggers. 

You can try the Pro Plan w/Curate add-on for a one-off cost of $5, originally priced at $108/ month – saving you $103! 

The Curate add-on is an investment that pays off. If you’re spending time creating content or hiring someone to create content for you, investing in tools that will help you promote your content and reach your target audience makes sense. Curate is one of those tools – it’s worth the price.

Solo plan   
$19 /month
For experienced
but smaller blogs

Pro plan
$59 /month
For professional bloggers and
large teams

Curate Add-On
For professional bloggers and
large teams

Agency Add-On
For large agencies and large teams 

​If you want the Agency feature that invites clients to collaborate with you on your Drip Campaign, that’s an additional $147 per month.

As I mentioned, the Solo plan is $19 per month, while the Pro plan is $59 per month. However, if you choose the yearly billing cycle, prices drop to $15 per month for the Solo plan and $49 for the Pro plan – a great way to keep some money in your pocket.


Let’s review the Good and the Bad – Missinglettr

​What are the upsides and downsides of using Missinglettr? Is it too good to be true, or is there a catch to using this automation tool?

The Good

Missinglettr is a fantastic automation tool that can help you save time and energy when creating social media posts.

The Bad

There is no catch to using Missinglettr! It is a legitimate tool that can help you improve your social media game and increase your blog’s exposure.

An image of a Professional Social Media Management Team

Is Missinglettr key to gaining exposure for your real estate blog?

​Missinglettr is a fantastic way to increase the reach of your blog. Through their distribution channels, your blog’s content can be seen by tens of thousands of people who might not otherwise see it.

If you’re looking for a way to expand your real estate blog and grow your business to new heights, then Missinglettr is a great tool. Missinglettr distributes your content across the web, making it available to a broad audience. This way, readers worldwide can enjoy your writing and understand what it’s like to live and play in your local real estate market.

We love Missinglettr – it’s a critical element of our blogging distribution strategy, and since we’ve been using Missinglettr, we’ve gained more views, leads, and, ultimately, more sales. If you’ve been working on your blog for a while but aren’t seeing the results you’d like, Missingletr may hold the key to your success.

An image of a real estate agent developing a blogging distribution strategy

​You don’t have to make a decision right away – Missinglettr offers a 14-day free trial on their paid plans and a free plan, so give Missinglettr a try to see if it’s the right solution. And if you decide to sign up, use the link to grab a fantastic offer – 50% off for three months. Either plan you choose will help blossom your social presence and surely help you get fresh eyes on your blog posts and gain new followers!

An image of a street sign for the intersection of Strategy Street and Tactics Trail

Wrapping things up

​Being a blogger can be difficult in today’s digital world. Thankfully, blogging platforms like WordPress make it easier than ever before to manage your blog. However, even with a Siteground-hosted WordPress website, getting your posts in front of your intended audience can still be challenging. That’s why proper distribution is so important. You’ll reach more people and gain exposure by learning how to distribute your real estate blog posts correctly.

We hope our blog post has helped you learn more about Missinglettr, how it can fit into your content distribution strategy, and how to use it to grow your real estate blog. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us in the comments. We’d be happy to answer any questions you have!

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Are messenger bots, a.k.a. chatbots a game-changing communication tool for your business?


How do you stay ahead of the curve and use messenger bots, a.k.a. chatbots, to your business’s advantage?

Social media is no longer just a trend. It is a powerful tool companies are using to grow their businesses. A recent survey from Statista showed that over three billion people were using at least one social media platform. That’s more than a quarter of the whole world’s population. Did you know Facebook, with the most significant number of users, is the most common social media platform? So why not make communicating with your current and potential real estate clients easier?

A pretty Asian woman speaking to a messenger bot on her smartphone

We are on the brink of a new era in communication, and Messenger bots, a.k.a. chatbots, are a game-changer in this new era of communication. Creative real estate companies are already capitalizing on this new age of communication and are getting significant results. 

We wrote this blog post to help you explore why you need a messenger bot, how to leverage the features of messenger bots, which messenger bot you should use, and what your next steps should be to start using a messenger bot. Suppose you want an innovative solution to market your business and create better customer retention. In that case, I suggest you Read On!


As proud affiliates for some of the resources/tools shown or listed in this article, I/we at {Titus Media Solutions, LLC} commission when you click a link for a solution/resource or gadget and make a qualifying purchase. It is, however, at no extra cost to you, and in some cases, provides you with a discount.

Messenger bots are a game-changing communication tool.

Okay, but…

A Black man in a suit and tie with a look of contemplation

What are Messenger bots, a.k.a. chatbots?

Messenger bots, a.k.a. chatbots, are automated software programs that use natural language processing to understand a user’s request, question or statement and return a response. Today’s chatbots allow you to communicate with clients on websites, landing pages, and social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Telegram.

An Asian woman looking to the sky with skyscrapers in the background

Regarding the real estate industry, Messenger bots, a.k.a. chatbots, are game changers. They can help you communicate with customers, market your brand, and even automate tasks. They eliminate the need for a third-party customer service team to respond to repetitive questions from your clients. 

Chatbots are a one-on-one communication tool that can help you deliver better service to your clients. They help keep your clients updated about your business’s latest deals, promotions, and updates. They can also help you with instant booking and appointment scheduling.

It’s impressive how far chatbots have come since ELIZA was first developed in the 1960s by Joseph Weizenbaum and his team at MIT. You can use bots for all sorts of things, like ordering flowers or getting upcoming weather forecasts. It’s incredible to think about how much progress chatbots have made in such a short time.

Messenger bots, a.k.a. chatbots, can undoubtedly help you market your real estate business and establish stronger relationships with current and potential clients.

How are messenger bots, a.k.a. chatbots, used in the business world?

When Facebook introduced chatbots to its Messenger platform, some analysts predicted that they would become a primary method of communication alongside text messaging. In contrast, others believed that they would be a fad. As of July 2018, Messenger has more than 120 billion users, which is expected to be more than 120 billion by the end of 2022, according to Statista.

An older white  gentleman in a suit being served tea by a robot

Messenger bots, a.k.a. chatbots, are being used to deliver various services and products, from banking and payment services to movies and music to health information and news. Messenger bots, a.k.a. chatbots, are starting to take over the role of customer service workers, making it easier for people to get help with their issues more conveniently. 

Chatbots are used in a variety of different ways, from being a part of a more extensive customer service department to being used to provide customer service for individual brands. Businesses are using chatbots to automate their sales and marketing and help companies advertise their products.

How are real estate businesses leveraging chatbots for marketing?

Chatbots have evolved to the point where they can not only handle simple tasks such as responding to customer inquiries, but they are also capable of handling more complex tasks such as real estate lead generation. You can use chatbots to find clients, schedule appointments, and follow up on leads. Chatbots can be used in both the consumer-to-business and business-to-business space. In the consumer-to-business space, you can use chatbots to connect with clients and help them with their mortgage applications, view the details of a home, or schedule an appointment to tour a property, all from the convenience of their smartphone. You can use chatbots to handle inquiries and lead generation in business-to-business. 

An image of an artist rendition of real estate messenger bot working 24/7

Real estate is not a typical 9-5 job, and it’s a demanding industry where you have to work on your business 24/7. A real estate agent needs to be ready whenever a potential client contacts them. Some even expect you to respond at 2:00 am. That’s why real estate agents need a marketing tool that will work on their clients’ schedules, not the other way around. They need a tool ready to communicate with their clients 24/7. And it’s no wonder that so many real estate agents are adopting messenger bots, a.k.a. chatbots, to create a more personal and approachable way of marketing, especially when they aren’t available.

Chatbots are powerful tools that easily integrate with the tools you already use, like Instagram, Email, SMS, Online courses, Webinars, etc. Chatbots are limited only by your imagination.

Do I need a messenger bot in my real estate business?

Yes, you need a messenger bot in your real estate business! Having a bot that communicates with your customers on your website is crucial. You can market your website more effectively by making customer service faster, easier, and more personalized. They can also be employed as a lead generation and content distribution platform.

When considering whether to use a chatbot, It’s important to remember that building a successful real estate business is more than just traffic and leads; it’s about creating a positive experience for your customers and relationships that will last for years.

An image of a person holding a smartphone communicating with a messenger bot

And since most people carry mobile phones, messenger bots can be easily accessed with a simple tap of a button, adding a chatbot to your marketing strategy should be an easy decision.

Are you ready to take the next step to elevate your real estate business?

​We believe that messenger bots are an excellent way for real estate agents to connect with prospects and clients and differentiate their business in the digital market. We think it’s safe to say that chatbots will play a significant role in the future of our communication. If you want to learn how to use chatbots in your real estate business, we recommend ManyChat. It’s a very robust platform that is also extremely easy to learn and user-friendly. 

An image of robots (chatbots) being created on an assembly line.

Getting started: Here’s how you can connect your Facebook Business Page to your ManyChat account.

​You can create your very own real estate messenger bot in just a few easy steps:

First: Connect Your Facebook Page to ManyChat

1. On the ManyChat site, click on the “Get Started Free” button.

2. A list of pages you are an admin of will pop up once you connect your Facebook account. Select the page that you want to connect to ManyChat.

3. Click on the “Connect” button. And that’s it!

Second: Create Your Greeting Text

When a potential real estate client reaches your messenger bot for the first time, they’ll see your greeting text. I recommend that you personalize it and let people know that it’s not an “actual” person; create a persona like “Sasha Bot” or “Realty Bot.”

1. Go to your dashboard, and click on settings.
2. Locate the “Greeting” text box, where you can fill in your message.

Pro Tip: Use your words wisely to make a great impression!

Third: Construct The Main Menu

Now that your greeting has been created, it’s time to construct your main menu. The main menu is a way for potential clients to navigate the conversation and get to your main offerings – services, a property walk-thru, or something else. You can direct people to outside links or keep them within the bot, and it’s entirely up to you.

To get started, head to the “Automation” tab on the left side of your dashboard. Type in your services, such as “Sell Your Home,” and select your options, then click ‘done,’ and your Main Menu is ready to receive potential real estate clients.

Fourth: Craft A Welcome Message

The Welcome Message is your chance to make a great first impression! The welcome message is the message a user will receive when they first message your page on Facebook, so it’s essential to set the right tone and expectations here. Some people like to personalize their chatbot by creating a persona, or avatar, to make it more fun and engaging. If you did this, this is the perfect place to introduce your chatbot to your potential real estate client, and be sure to let people know how they can unsubscribe anytime.

Getting started with your welcome message is simple and easy. 

Here’s how:
1. On your dashboard, go to “Automation.”
2. Click on Welcome Message. You can start typing out your welcome message and setting actions here.

An image of a customer service messenger bot with headphones

Now that you know where to start have fun crafting your messages using emojis, images, videos, and gifs. Remember, Chatbots are a lot like people; they should have unique voices and personalities. So bring your real estate Chabot’s persona to life, and have fun with it.

In Conclusion:

​When marketing your business, chatbots can be a massive asset. They can interact with leads and clients via live chat, provide customer service around the clock, and deliver valuable information when needed. Many real estate agents and brokerages are excited about the potential of messenger bots to help their businesses grow.
Chatbots are worth considering if you’re looking for ways to grow your real estate business! 

A small child in a red dress with a intelligent robot gazing into each other's eyes in a apocalyptical environment

Suppose you are interested in learning more about how messenger bots can help your business. In that case, we recommend you subscribe to our newsletter so that you don’t miss any of our blog posts or leave your thoughts about the next steps in the evolution of chatbot use in the real estate industry.

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Why You Should Be Using Quizzes To Engage Your Audience



Everyone is online nowadays, and the number of digital marketing tools has multiplied. So, what should a real estate agent use to increase leads and conversions? The answer is quiz marketing.

Creating online quizzes is an intelligent way to reach your customers, build your brand, and drive leads to your website. You are connecting with your audience from the moment they start your quiz. When they put in their email address, you build on that relationship and keep your customers engaged with your brand. By the time they finish your quiz, you and your potential clients are ready to move to the next level; they feel that you “get them” – and that’s when the magic begins.

This blog post will discuss why quizzes are so effective and how to start incorporating them into your marketing strategy. So, read on!

A man in a purple wig holding chalk, next to a chalk board with the words "Close your books Surprise Quiz Today!"


But first, what is quiz marketing?

Quiz marketing is a potent research tool that can solicit feedback from your target audience. It is also an effective way to engage audiences and create a buzz around a product or campaign.

Whether trying to understand consumer behavior or promote a new product, quiz marketing is the perfect tool for collecting accurate and actionable data about your target market.


​As proud affiliates for some of the resources/tools shown or listed in this article, I/we at Titus Media Solutions, LLC commission when you click a link for a solution/resource or gadget and make a qualifying purchase. It is, however, at no extra cost to you, and in some cases, provides you with a discount.

1. To Generate Leads

As a real estate agent, a consistent source of potential clients is crucial to business success. Quiz generators like Interact allow you to create quizzes with lead capture forms. They offer templates and different customization options to match your branding.

To gain deeper insight into a homeowner’s thoughts about the home’s condition. I would begin by using a captivating title, such as “Is Your Home Photoshoot Ready?”

Questions that you might ask:

  • What are your “Go-To” colors to decorate your home?
  • What best describes your bedroom dresser?
  • What do you look for when buying furniture?
  • Do you prefer a home with a craftsman rustic, eclectic bohemian, farmhouse, or a modern industrial feel?

Creating questions for your quiz can help you get to know your potential real estate clients better. By segmenting respondents into more defined target groups, you can better understand who your qualified leads are. As a result, you can market to those who have completed your quiz according to the discovered target persona. And you can continue interacting with your potential clients according to their place in the customer journey.

What Kind Of Home Owner Are You? - Quiz by Michael Brannon

2. To Build Brand Awareness

Building greater brand awareness is one of the critical benefits of quiz marketing for real estate agents. By creating interactive quizzes, agents can engage potential buyers and sellers, showcase their expertise, and increase visibility and engagement with their brand. 

For example, a real estate website that regularly features quizzes related to home buying and selling attracts more site visitors and creates opportunities to connect with potential clients. In this way, quiz marketing can effectively build brand awareness and strengthen relationships with potential clients in the real estate industry.

A female real estate agent happily explaining real estate with clients (a black male and female)

3. To Boost Lead Conversion

If you’re a real estate agent, you know that increasing your conversion rate is an essential goal after generating leads. And utilizing quiz marketing techniques is one great way to achieve this! By offering potential clients interactive quizzes that gauge their home-buying preferences and interests, you can more easily tailor your services to match their preferences. Plus, if you offer incentives or prizes to users who complete the quizzes, you’ll give them even more reason to take action and convert.

Real estate agents can use quiz marketing to increase conversion rates and provide personalized recommendations to clients. By segmenting customers and offering customized lists of available homes, agents can make it easier for clients to find the right property. Additionally, quiz marketing can help agents boost sales and maximize how many clients they can help.

An image with a chart and a stamp "Increase Your Conversion Rate"

4. To Boost Your Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

For three to five minutes, a quiz holds a user’s attention. Consider how low your bounce rate would be if every user stayed on your site for three to five minutes! A low bounce rate and a high visit rate indicate to Google that your site is “pretty cool.” And they’ll reward you with a higher search ranking.

Sure, you’ll need to employ other SEO tactics to boost your ranking significantly, but a quiz is a great place to start.

A laptop with an infographic showing SEO and other marketing terms

5. To Drive Traffic To Your Website

Quiz marketing is an effective way to increase website traffic. By creating engaging, interactive content that forces users to engage with your brand, you can draw in more visitors and keep them coming back for more. Additionally, this type of marketing ensures that your audience stays on your website for longer, allowing you to build better relationships with your customers and substantially impact their decision to work with you. 

Ultimately, with the help of quiz marketing, you can boost your website’s visibility and grow your online presence effectively and efficiently.

6. To Educate Your Audience

An image of people "Engaging With Content"

Quiz marketing is an effective way to educate and engage a target audience. By creating quizzes tailored to the interests and needs of a particular demographic, real estate agents can help their ideal clients learn about the products or services they offer in a fun and more interactive way. When it comes to marketing, engaging content is key to deepening consumer trust in your brand. And one great way to create engaging content is through quizzes.

For example, if you ask your target audience about what affects real estate prices in their area, you can provide them with the answer and offer valuable insight into why this is true. Creating quiz content that educates and resonates with your audience can cultivate lasting relationships built on trust and market knowledge.

Where Can Real Estate Agents Find Interactive Quizzes?

If you’re a creative agent and ready to create your quiz, visit to create interactive quizzes that are fun and engaging to watch and that your viewers can share with their friends. You can also use the same quizzes in email marketing campaigns, landing pages, and other marketing channels.

Examples of their quizzes are:

An image of quizzes provided by Interact Quiz Maker

Quiz marketing can effectively build brand awareness and strengthen relationships with potential clients in the real estate industry. Invest in the future of your real estate business by joining Interact’s free Quiz Mastermind 3-day Challenge, where they’ll build your quiz with you in 3 days using in-depth video workshops and private access to their community The Quiz Collective, …AND they even have bonus sessions!

Final Takeaway

Quizzes are a great way to generate leads, build brand awareness, boost conversions, and drive traffic to your website. They’re also a great way to educate your audience about what you do and how you can help them. Now is the time to start if you’re not using quizzes in your marketing. Titus Media Solutions can help you get started with quiz marketing and other tools to help your real estate business thrive. Contact us today at Titus Media Solutions dot com for assistance.

An image of men and women in suits with a women in front in all "RED"

To drive more traffic to your website, consider investing in quiz marketing today!

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5 Top Ways To Incorporate QR Codes Into Your Marketing Strategy



QR codes – or Quick Response codes – are among the most popular 2D barcodes. With the rise in popularity of smartphones, real estate agents can deliver valuable information to a potential real estate customer, engaging customers directly on their devices. Real estate agents can use QR codes to direct customers to contact information and even an interactive home tour, increasing customer engagement and creating a more memorable interaction.

In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at how you can use QR codes to improve customer engagement, drive conversions, and effectively incorporate them into your real estate marketing strategy.

Blog Post Image "What's Your Marketing Strategy?"

Here are the Top 5 Ways To Incorporate QR Codes Into Your Real Estate Marketing Strategy

Use QR codes to provide easy access to digital content.

Use QR codes to encourage customer reviews and testimonials.

Use QR codes to create a mobile-friendly website experience.

Use QR codes to drive social media engagement.

Use QR codes to promote special events and featured properties.

Image of Successful QR code marketing strategy


As proud affiliates for some of the resources/tools shown or listed in this article, I/we at {Titus Media Solutions, LLC} commission when you click a link for a solution/resource or gadget and make a qualifying purchase. It is, however, at no extra cost to you, and in some cases, provides you with a discount.

A young woman with red lipstick blowing a kiss while reading information from a QR code on her smartphone


1. Use QR Codes to Provide Easy Access to Digital Real Estate Content

QR codes provide easy access to digital content, such as website pages, PDFs, images, and videos. Using QR codes is a great way to make your content more accessible to your audience and make it easy for them to engage with your real estate brand. And a great way to keep potential customers and followers up-to-date on your latest news and promotions.

2. Use QR Codes to Encourage Real Estate Clientele Reviews and Testimonials

QR codes encourage customers to leave reviews and testimonials. You can place QR codes on the marketing materials you give to your client, your real estate website, or your real estate office, and clients can scan the code to leave a review or testimonial. Using QR codes is a great way to collect valuable customer feedback.

3. Use QR Codes to Create a Mobile-Friendly Experience for your Real Estate Website

QR codes create a mobile-friendly website experience. You can place QR codes on your website that link to mobile-optimized versions of your website. Using QR codes is a great way to improve the user experience for mobile users and make it easier for them to convert to your website.

4. Use QR Codes to Create and Drive Social Media Engagement for your Real Estate Business

QR codes are a great way to attract new customers and followers. Adding QR codes to all advertising materials can create a more dynamic experience with your audience. They allow you to use visual marketing to your advantage and are a lot of fun. The people who scan your QR code will be taken to your chosen place, such as your Facebook fan page, YouTube channel, or website. As you can imagine, the applications for this type of online marketing are endless.

TIP! If you use QR codes in your advertising campaign, link them to places people want to see. For example, suppose you’re in a coffee shop and see a QR code that another agent has placed on his or her business card. In that case, you can scan it and instantly connect with that agent’s social media accounts – a great way to learn more about an agent and their services.


Use QR codes as a great way to share your special events and featured listings with everyone. Let’s say, for example. You have an open house on a property you have listed and want to share the details with everyone in the area. You can create a personalized QR code for this listing, which you can then display on a poster or flyer you hang up around the area or even on the actual sign of the property. Since QR codes are easy to read, anyone can quickly scan them with their smartphone and get all the necessary information. Plus, if they scan it while at the open house, they can view the details and automatically be added to your customer relationship manager, making it easy to reach out to them from your mailing list.

Real estate agents discussing QR code marketing strategies


Do you use QR codes in your real estate business?

The real estate market is constantly changing. One thing that doesn’t change is that people who buy and sell homes have busy lives. School, work, and family obligations take up a lot of time. With so much demand for their time, how do you get the attention of potential buyers in today’s real estate market? You can do it by being creative with your marketing materials. One way to accomplish this is by using a QR Code.

QR Codes are a fantastic way to engage customers, provide them with more information about your business, and help them take the next step in their real estate journey. You can use QR Codes in your real estate marketing in various ways. You can use them to include more contact information for your business, including videos or pictures of current properties, have a link to your website, or contact you directly. There are a ton of different uses for QR codes, but the best way to use them is to incorporate them into something they already do. For example, say you have a sign in a client’s yard with your phone number. You can create a QR Code that links directly to your real estate contact page or website.

Image of a female real estate agent showing a home to a man and a woman

After reading this article, you should be familiar with QR codes and their use in real estate marketing. I’m sure you grasp that QR codes lead to valuable information, such as additional content on your website or a link to an upcoming open house event.


We hope you found this blog post interesting and informative. We like to stay on top of new technologies and trends, and we love to share our knowledge with our readers. Thank you for reading, and we hope you will stay in touch with us and our blog for more tips and tricks on QR codes and interactive content. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

Stop waiting – make a difference in your real estate business! Get creative, interact with your customers, and ensure you use the technology to its full potential!

Image of three arrow in the center of a target - a bullseye in QR code marketing


BTW, we are always excited when one of our posts can provide helpful information, and we hope this blog post has inspired you to use QR codes to enhance your real estate marketing efforts and help you reach your real estate business goals. Are you ready to start using QR codes in your real estate marketing? Well, give Etch Encoder a try today!

If you have any other questions or concerns about using QR codes for real estate marketing, please continue reading our blog posts.

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How to Boost your Real Estate Lead Generation with Interact Quiz Software

Table of contents


Interact Quiz Software is the boost you need for real estate lead generation

A quiz is a set of questions that helps you better understand your potential real estate clients. It can be used for anything from gathering information (such as demographics, interests, and values) to entertainment or instruction. 

Quizzes are a great way to build engagement, trust, interest, and sentiment with potential real estate clients. Plus, they’re just plain fun! There’s no doubt that quizzes can be an effective way to generate real estate leads and drive traffic. 

Try Interact Quiz Software

The Interact quiz software makes it easy to create engaging, targeted quizzes, polls, and giveaways that help you quickly identify your audience and determine which topics are most relevant to them. With Interact, setting up quizzes is easy, and you can use the lead capture features to segment your users based on their responses and skyrocket your conversion rates! 


As proud affiliates for some of the resources/tools shown or listed in this article, I/we at {Titus Media Solutions, LLCcommission when you click a link for a solution/resource or gadget and make a qualifying purchase. It is, however, at no extra cost to you, and in some cases, provides you with a discount. 

Let’s chat about the “Ins” and “Outs” of the Interact Quiz Software.

As a real estate agent, you understand how important it is to have easy-to-use, customizable, and mobile-friendly software. You also know that finding the right software for your business can be time-consuming and frustrating. That’s why Titus Media Solutions exists – to help you save time and frustration by answering your questions and providing you with software recommendations to help your real estate business explode.

Whether you want to create a quiz for your business or you’re searching for a viral sweepstakes software solution – we’ve got you covered. We think Interact is the perfect tool for creating quizzes that fit your needs, and we’re excited to tell you about it. And don’t forget, if you need help finding creative software solutions, don’t hesitate to reach out!

What is Interact Quiz Software?

Interact is a quiz software tool that helps you grow your contact list by focusing on lead generation. By interacting with potential clients in a fun way, you can connect with more customers and help them buy and sell homes. You can use Interact’s quiz features to create online quizzes that generate leads, segment your audience, and drive traffic to your real estate website. Interact supports a good range of email marketing platform integrations, but not all are native. However, the possibilities are endless with marketing automation platforms like Zapier and Make.

What are the benefits of using Interact?

Interact is easy to use

Interact is a user-friendly quiz design tool that simplifies the process of creating quizzes. It is easy to use and has a smooth user interface. However, it may not be the best choice for everyone. Interact’s user interface may be challenging to navigate if you don’t like intuitive user interfaces. 

The quiz design process is simple, and users don’t typically get lost, but the step-by-step tutorials guide you when you need them. Interact makes it easy to create quizzes and lets you use various quiz types to develop targeted, focused quizzes to understand your clients and their needs. Overall, Interact is a reliable tool. 

Interact lets you personalize your quizzes

Interact is quiz software that lets you create standalone quizzes; it allows you to personalize quizzes using different quiz types to get the most out of your learning experience. 

You can choose from three formats or more appropriate “Quiz Types:”  Personality, Assessment, and Scored. Personality quizzes can help you get to know your clients. In contrast, assessment quizzes can evaluate your client’s knowledge, or you can use a scored quiz to instantly grasp your prospective real estate client’s level of homeownership knowledge. 

Interact is excellent for collecting leads

One of the best features of Interact is its ability to gather customer details by capturing information from the quiz results about the people who take them. Interact can be connected with numerous email marketing platforms.


Interact is a reliable and user-friendly tool for lead generation. Based in the United States, Interact was founded in 2014. Over 9 million quizzes have been completed with it so far, and Interact boasts an 80% completion rate. On top of that, it generates around 42,000 leads per day. 

Interact is easy to share on various channels

You can share Interact quizzes on your website, landing page, ads, or social media. Interact is easy to use and can be found on various channels. Interact helps you build a list of clientele, ultimately helping you serve more homeowners and future homeowners. Using Interact, you can increase homeowner engagement and learn more about potential and current homeowners’ interests. 

Interact has a fantastic community and culture

Interact is a fantastic community that goes above and beyond for its subscribers. Interact provides access to quiz templates, case studies, blog articles, podcasts, top-rated reviews, and fantastic customer service. Interact allows you to connect with certified consultants and an exceptional collaborative community coaching channel. Interact is a fantastic way to get the most out of quizzes, polls, and giveaways to ensure your subscribers are fully engaged. 

Interact is mobile responsive

When you white label your quiz using Interact, you’ll get a fully mobile responsive custom design. Whether you use a template or start from scratch, it allows you to style your quiz to match your brand and create seamless experiences for your ideal real estate clients.  

Interact is mobile responsive

And according to Statista, an estimated 307 million people own a smartphone. So the chances are good that your real estate clientele will take your quiz on their smartphone or tablet – so it better be beautiful and as responsive as possible! 


 – even if your website isn’t responsive, your lead magnet will be! 

Interact has in-depth analytics

Interact’s in-depth analytics are super beneficial for users because they allow for more customization and insight. You can take a deep dive with survey-style analytics to see how many people answered each question, how they answered, and where they’re dropping off so you can optimize your quiz and your business. 

Interact integrates with tracking pixels

Interact allows you to add Facebook and Google Analytics tracking pixels to your quizzes which are code snippets that will enable you to track user activity on your website. The use of tracking pixels is an excellent strategy because it lets users get to know their audience better. It allows users to retarget those who saw/started a quiz and create custom audiences for your quizzes. 

For example, if you’re making a quiz titled – “What Type Of Home Are You?” about the types of homes, you could segment your audience to create a custom audience of quiz-takers interested in downtown condos or suburban homes. This way, you can serve them relevant ads in the future or even start another quiz that is specifically tailored to their interests! 

Bonus – Interact offers a free plan

The Interact quiz platform offers a free trial plan that allows users to test out the tool’s full range of features. Free trials greatly benefit users who want to see if a software or tool is a “good fit” before committing to a paid subscription. The Interact Quiz Funnel Software can help you grow your email list, segment your leads, and recommend products to increase sales. Get started today. You can start trying the Interact Quiz Funnel Software free for 14 days! 

How do I create an Interact quiz?

50 quiz ideas and titles for every industry | Interact Blog

Step 1: Sign up for a free account

To sign up for a free Interact account, visit their website and click on the link in the heading. On the website, you will be able to find people like Jackie Aguglia who can’t wait to invest in your success. Book a call today and gain insight into any specific question(s) on your mind. 

Jackie Aguglia

Book A Demo

Additionally, Interact offers a variety of interactive exercises to help you learn more about the company and its products.

Step 2: Choose a template

The quizzes use beautiful stock images from Unsplash, and Giphy, making it easy to populate your quiz with diverse content, or you can upload your pictures – be sure to use the given dimension (to make your visuals look their best.) Don’t worry; you can preview the quiz template before you publish it. You can start with a blank template. However, I recommend that you use one of Interact’s existing templates. 

To select an Interact template, click the Use “Template” button and edit it to fit your quiz’s design. You can change the format of your quiz by clicking the Edit Template button.

Try Interact - Home and Garden Quiz Options

Step 3: Choose the goal of the quiz

Once you’ve selected the “Template” option, choose the goal of your quiz so that you can focus on your desired outcome. There are three (3) types that you can choose from:


Personality Quizzes

Personality quizzes are a fun way to learn more about your real estate clients and what makes them tick. When customers take a quiz, it helps you to uncover new aspects of their personality, including their mindset, habits, interests, and defining characteristics. 

When a personality quiz is created effectively, everyone who takes it will feel like their final results fit them “perfectly.” Which will help you create a strong bond of trust as you show each audience member how deeply you understand them. The data from a personality quiz type can also be used to create targeted content for each personality quiz type, giving you more significant opportunities for a more personalized marketing strategy. 

Assessment Quizzes

Assessment quizzes are great when you want to assess your knowledge on a particular topic or subject. As the quiz creator, you can choose whether you wish to include a correct answer for each question, or if you want to use the quiz as a personal assessment, you can get creative with your questions. 

One of the biggest strengths of an assessment quiz is its ability to answer a direct question your quiz title already asks. Standard assessment quiz titles include How Much Do You Know About “Blank“? and Are You a “Blank” Expert? When creating a practical assessment quiz, you should ensure the final results answer the title’s question. 

Scored Quizzes

Scored quizzes were a lot different than the quizzes we take now. In old magazines, you’d circle your answers and then turn to the back page to find your results – the higher your score, the better. Depending on how the quiz was set up, you might need to write down the numbers that corresponded with each answer you chose before tallying them all up. Only then would you discover your results based on your final score. 

If you’re looking for a way to make quizzes more efficient and accurate, Interact is the perfect solution! Their platform automates the entire process, so you don’t have to worry about manual input or waiting for results. Plus, the quizzes can be customized to focus on specific topics or areas of knowledge. They’re perfect for educators testing their students, but they can also be used in real estate lead-generation scenarios.

Step 4: Customize your quiz

Regardless of how you started – a blank template or if you chose to use one of Interact’s existing templates, you could easily customize an Interact quiz to match your look and feel. I started mine with their “What Kind of Home Owner Are You?” template and then modified it to align with my brand colors. Interact makes it easy to customize my quiz and tailor quiz results that speak to my potential real estate clients. 

Image of how to customize your quiz

Step 5: Add questions and answers

To add questions and answers to Interact, click on the “add questions and answers” link on the Interact home page. You can add as many questions and answers as you want. You can also add videos to your Interact quiz. 

Pro Tip: Five to Seven questions seems to be the “sweet spot” for a quiz. Also, each question should be written in text, and each answer choice should have an image. 

Step 6: Share your quiz

You can share an Interact quiz in several ways, including as a popup, announcement bar, or “page” on your website. You can also embed the quiz onto your website. To do so, go to the Interact website, select the desired quiz, select the “Share & Embed” button, copy the code snippet, and paste it into your desired location. 

Interact Quiz sharing options - Image

Step 7: Analyze your results

Interact provides data that can help you understand how people interact with your content. To view your analytics, go to the Interact website, select the desired quiz, select the “Analytics” button and review your results. When your review the information from your analytics, you can improve the effectiveness of your quiz content and sales conversions. 

Interact Quiz Analytics - Image

Additionally, Interact integrates with popular email marketing platforms making it easy to share quiz results with your email list.


  • An extensive template library 
  • A Free Trial
  • Easy to use and generate quizzes quickly 
  • A detailed dashboard
  • Three interactive content types 
  • Solid Analytics
  • Numerous Pixel integrations 
  • Contact Segmentation
  • Superb customer support and coaching community 
  • Brand customization
  • Different sharing options



  • Three interactive content types
  • Solid Analytics
  • No split testing 

You can create quizzes, polls, and giveaways with the Interact quiz software. So, if you’re looking for a tool to help you generate leads and grow your email list, Interact is a great option. It has a good range of native integrations with leading email and marketing software, so it’s easy to incorporate it into your existing marketing strategy. However, there are a few things to keep in mind. If you need robust analytics or split testing options or if you’re interested in other types of interactive content like calculators or an eCommerce tool, Outgrow might be a better option for you.

Does Interact offer integrations that fit with my existing software?

Interact is focused on lead generation and driving website traffic, offering more than 50 integrations. However, you may need to pay extra to use some of the desired integrations because some integrations are not included with each pricing plan. Easily connect your quiz to your email marketing or marketing automation system to segment leads based on which quiz result they get and/or how they answer specific quiz questions and ensure quiz leads are automatically added to your existing system.

Interact Quiz Software Integrations- Image

How can I use Interact to boost real estate lead generation?

With Interact, you have complete control over the look and feel of your quiz. Their partnership with Unsplash means you can easily add beautiful stock images to your quiz for an added touch of class. Plus, their quiz templates are fully customizable so you can create a unique quiz for your brand. 

There are three subscription plans available for Interact: “Lite,” “Growth,” and “Pro.” Users can choose the subscription plan that fits their needs based on the number of quizzes they expect to create and whether they need to add a team member. 

To create an Interact account, 

  • Visit the website, select the “Start your free trial” button – select “create an account.” 
  • Next, select which type of account you want to create: “Lite,” “Growth,” or “Pro.” 
  • Finally, enter your contact information and click the “Create My Account” button. 

The monthly cost for the “Pro” plan is $209. However, you can save up to 40% by paying annuallyOnce you have entered your credentials, the fun can begin. 

Interact Lite Plan:

The Lite plan of the Interact quiz software includes the software for $27 per month and allows for five quizzes and up to 6,000 email leads per month. It does not include conversion tracking or analytics reporting, but if you need these features or are budget-conscious, the Monthly plan is the better option. The Lite plan includes three months of unlimited use. 

Interact Growth Plan:

Interact quiz software is an excellent way to boost lead generation. The Growth plan includes the software for $53 per month, allows for 20 quizzes and up to 24,000 email leads per month, and has a wide range of integrations. The support team is excellent and offers conversion tracking. 

Interact Pro Plan:

The Interact Pro plan is the most feature-rich and comprehensive plan available. For $125 per month, this plan allows users to create 50 quizzes, use their own custom branding, receive detailed analytics, and invite ten users. This level of control and performance is ideal for users who want to get the most out of their quizzes. 

So, What’s The Final Verdict?

Interact has some significant advantages over other quiz software programs. It’s simpler to use and provides more flexibility with its quiz results. Additionally, Interact makes it easy to create personality quizzes that give clear answers. After researching the competition, we believe Interact is the best option because it provides in-depth analytics in an easy-to-understand format. 

In Conclusion

There’s no doubt that quizzes can be an effective way to generate real estate leads and drive traffic. Interact quiz software makes it easy to create engaging, targeted quizzes that help you quickly identify your audience and determine which topics are most relevant to them. You can better target your content and messaging by segmenting prospective real estate clients based on their responses. Plus, with the powerful lead capture features available in the Interact quiz software, conversion rates for your quizzes will skyrocket! 

If you’re in the business of selling homes, you know that your clients rely on you to help them navigate the process. It can be tough to figure out precisely what they need and want, but Interact’s quiz tool can save you time and potentially attract more business. It’s the best software on the market because it’s flexible and robust without being too complicated – sometimes, people add unnecessary complexity to compensate for missing something. I encourage you to try it out and see what your potential real estate clients think! 

Use Interact quiz software to boost lead generation!

Thank you for reading about our experience with the Interact quiz software. We are always excited when one of our posts can provide helpful information on a topic like this! We hope you can share your thoughts with us on this article in the comment section below, and we hope that you will continue to enjoy our blog and are excited to hear what you think of it!

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Dangerous Things About Content Marketing For A Real Estate Agent



If you’re a new or seasoned real estate agent, I’m sure you’ve been told more than once that creating a website and starting a blog is a must-do. And I’m sure you’ve also heard how creating content will help bring in clients. A word of caution, among the million other things you “must do,” blogging can be a treacherous path to navigate.

One of the most dangerous things I have heard about blogging is that “The Best Content Always Wins.” That precise logic leads many real estate agents to blindly focus on creating more and more content; when results don’t roll in the way they expect, they try to make their content better and create even more content, and so on. And when results for this excellent content still don’t materialize – regardless of how much (blood, sweat, and tears) time, effort, and perhaps even loads of money they poured into creating it, that’s where the danger peaks its ugly head out.

– and you find yourself heading straight toward that brick wall called “frustration.” I get it; I’ve been there too.

Real estate blog article - an image with a blank notebook

Remember, content marketing or “blogging” for your real estate business is never “just” about creating great content.


As proud affiliates for some of the resources/tools shown or listed on the website, I/we at {Titus Media Solutions} earn a commission when you click a link for a solution/resource or gadget and make a qualifying purchase. It is, however, at no extra cost to you, and in some cases, provides you with a discount.

The thing is

If you get everything else in place that is a part of blogging, you do not need that much content. You can reach a high level of “success” with content that serves your audience – not necessarily the best content out there, but the content that your audience yearns to digest.

Do you see the difference?

No, okay, stick with me a little bit longer.

If you have a blogging strategy, clear goals, and a plan for getting there, you can act and create the content that will get you results – the results that you hope to achieve with your blogging.

When most people start blogging, they blindly begin creating content, and it’s only after the results don’t become evident that they ask, “…why are things falling apart, and what can I do about it?” 

I’ve tried the not-so-targeted content creation approach, and when I finally made a plan and created a strategy for my blogging, I did regret the time wasted. However, I’m thankful for the newly found success because I would have never achieved it without committing to change – and following a well-thought-out plan.

An image with alphabet blocks spelling the word "BLOG"


Sound advice

From time to time while I’m writing a blog, I imagine one of my English teachers on my shoulder saying to me, “…remember the basics,” “…less is more,” or “…did you include the ‘Who,’ ‘What,’ ‘Where,’ ‘When,’ and ‘How’s’ ?” I don’t profess to be an English scholar, but I know a thing or two about doing things the “hard way.”

So, if you’re interested in hearing more advice about the strategic blogging approach, read on.

Exceptional content creation

To go about exceptional content creation for your real estate blog, you must employ a system to see what is lacking within your blogging strategy. As a real estate agent, I understand the importance of creating remarkable and quality content. It is a must for any real estate professional trying to attract visitors to their website, an invaluable tool to help grow your business.

Real estate blog article - An image of a laptop with the word "CONTENT" and a red rocket blasting off of the screen

Let’s examine a few critical building blocks

You need to establish your goals

Determining what you want to achieve with your blogging efforts should be the first thing you do when starting a blog. Think of your goals as a destination on a road trip. Even with today’s extensive mapping apps, you won’t get anywhere if you haven’t decided where you are going. Likewise, you need to determine the goal of your content, or your content will not get you to your destination.

For example, if you want to sell real estate to a first-time homebuyer, your goal should be creating content that appeals to a person who has never purchased a home. If you want to sell real estate to a person looking to buy a second home, then your goal should be to create content that appeals to a person with some experience purchasing a home – which is, of course, a different set of concerns.

You need to define who your target audience is

Real estate is all about relationships with the people that you help. So it’s essential to know what represents your “ideal client” and what they want to know.

Okay, so you’ve probably heard the term customer avatar before, but what does it mean? Your avatar is a hypothetical representation of your perfect client. An avatar can be a real-life person that you know, or it can be a collection of characteristics. As a real estate agent, your avatar should be a character who wants to sell or buy a home. Your customer avatar should have background information such as gender, hobbies, family, career, education, and financial situation. The more details you input about this character, the better.

By knowing the details of your avatar, you can tailor your content creation to be more effective. Furthermore, defining your target audience can be used in many different situations, whether creating a promotional email to send or creating newsletters to deliver to customers within your farm – you have to define your target audience to be successful.

Only when you know who you want to reach can you decide where to find them and which content interests them – which is going to help you get to the next step.


Real estate blog article - An image of people walking on the street with demographic details of the people

You need to determine what content will speak to your audience

Now that you’ve determined your target audience – what kind of content will you produce for them? You must evaluate “Why” and “How” your content speaks to your target audience?

Remember, you are blogging for your target audience’s consumption, which should be at the forefront of deciding on the content you intend to create. You must determine the type of content that will connect to your audience, which is not necessarily the type that will speak to you.

Pro is a great tool to help you write search engine optimized (SEO) blogs and meta descriptions that are keyword-rich and convert highly. Get a 10,000 FREE word bonus when you sign up using my link >> try today <<.

An image with a coffee cup and the words "Create original, persuasive, natural, useful, informative content"

Determine the relation between your content and your sales funnel

It’s important to consider what your goals are for your content and how that lines up with your sales funnel. You want customers to become lifelong clients and ambassadors eventually, and you want them to feel comfortable reaching out to you for help when they’re ready to buy or sell a home. Not all content will get you there, but by creating quality content related to your sales funnel, you can increase your chances of success.

For example? If I wanted to sell you a Twitter Optimization Course, content about Pinterest Optimization might not be the best way to do it – even though it may align with all other aspects of my blogging strategy.

Pro Tip: Remember to (ASQ)Answer a Specific Question for the client asking a specific real estate question.

Create a distribution plan

Real estate blog article - Image of a woman writing on a whiteboard

Well, it is a list of things you must do after you create your “amazing” content, a list that will become your routine for every piece of content. Following this list for every bit of your content will tremendously increase your blogging success!
You can’t just rely on producing great content. You must set your content up for success and ensure your content gets adequately distributed.

A word of caution:

Attempting to get your real estate content into every distribution channel can be overwhelming and won’t necessarily result in quality engagement. Instead, focus on two or three channels at a time. Once you have a solid plan and routine in those channels, you can expand your efforts. A clear focus will give you the best results with less effort in the long run.

Pro Tip: Missinglettr is an AI tool that automatically creates unique micro-content from your blog posts for distribution across multiple social media channels. Get 50% off (for 3 months) when you sign up using my link >> try Missinglettr today <<.

Find a schedule

Remember that the most important thing you need to do for your blog is to find a schedule that works for you. That doesn’t mean you have to keep to that schedule forever, but it does mean that you should have one. Just like you’d never write a bunch of copy, put it in a drawer, and hope someone reads it – you must plan out what you’ll be doing and when. And I wouldn’t recommend that you plan to create one post every day if you still plan on actually selling real estate. Ensure you define a schedule that you can stick to and one that leaves time for all the other tasks – and don’t leave out time for relaxation, either.

Real estate blog article - An image with the words "To Blog"

Pro Tip: Remember Time Blocking – time blocking allows you to reserve dedicated time for your blogging craft. By the way, I recommend that you stick to your schedule (and be honest with yourself) for at least a year before changing things.

Measure and optimize

No plan is set in stone, so keep an open mind and adjust your strategy accordingly. Evaluate your performance indicators and make decisions based on the data you collect. Be prepared to adjust, tweak and optimize. Don’t follow a plan that does not work just because you made it.

Real estate blog article -

Stay on it.

Creating a blog is not hard. Anyone can do it. The hard part is trying to keep it going. You’ll have your ups and downs, but never give up. Many bloggers give up far too early. According to one study, it takes 90 days to form a habit. It will likely take more than 90 days for people to get to know your blog, like yours, and establish your blog as a credible source they can trust.

It can take a little bit of time to start seeing results from your blog posts, especially if you are still working on building up your audience. As we mentioned earlier, you need to establish some goals. Also, a part of growing your blog is figuring out who your target audience is and what kind of content they desire. Once you have that figured out, you can create content designed to help your target audience move through the sales funnel. Schedule time each week to work on your blog; eventually, you will start seeing the expected results.

The above eight steps may seem like a lot of work – but you do it once. And when you follow a targeted approach, you will see results far quicker than you would by simply throwing out content piece after piece only to ignore the target audience and your distribution strategy.

Real estate blog article - Image

Are you still creating better, shinier content?

If so, ask yourself a few more questions, and once you determine the answers, you will have taken the “Danger” out of blogging.

  • What if you have the best content you can ever create? And what if your target audience is not interested in it?
  • Or if your audience never sees this “outstanding” content you created because your distribution failed?
  • What if you have that excellent content and you even manage to get some readers to it – and then it never converts any customers?

And when you’re ready to take your blog to the next level, you can schedule posts to your favorite social media channels with a fantastic scheduler – Sociamonials. Get a 10% signup bonus when you signup using my Promo Code – BTLG and my link >> try Sociamonials today <<.

In conclusion

Blogging and content management can be confusing and challenging, and you can’t expect to get it right the first time. Building a blog takes time, but with the right tools, it’s easier than you think.

Blogging is always about building: building a reputation, building an audience, and building trust.

Blogging is a powerful tool real estate business owners can harness to grow their businesses. Quality content can help you build your brand, increase traffic to your site, and build your reputation – but only if you create compelling, targeted content.

Unless you are a seasoned blogger, I suggest you find some great resources to help you write quality content. Many blogging platforms will help you create great content for your target audience, and the more you write and read, the better your articles will become. If you need some help, you can always hire a team to help you create quality content for your blog.

Real estate blog article - An image of three men in suites reviewing documents

Pro Tip: Think of your blog as a dynamic place that you regularly update with your progress and as a way to share your journey with your audience. Step back and think about what your target audience wants to read about. Find a unique angle that nobody else is talking about, and you’ll have a blog that’s just as successful as the leading experts in the real estate industry.

Thank you for reading. We are always excited when one of our posts can provide helpful information on a topic like this! We hope you can share your thoughts with us on this article in the comment section below, and we hope that you will continue to enjoy our blog and are excited to hear what you think of it!

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How Real Estate Businesses Are Using QR Codes To Reach New Clients



If you’re looking for a way to improve your real estate business the first thing that you should do is find a way to reach new customers. Why would you want to look for new customers? Because there is a limited number of customers in your sphere of influence – there are always more people that you don’t know than those you do know, and the best way to reach these new people is to find new ways to advertise. One of the most popular ways to do this is with QR codes.

With a seemingly never-ending stream of technology coming out every day, it can be hard to keep up. You may have heard of QR codes and wondered what they are, or maybe you have already started using them to promote your business or to reach out to your clients. This blog will look at some practical ways to make sure you’re using QR codes to their maximum potential.

Image of a man pointing at a QR Code


What Are QR Codes?

Not everyone is familiar with QR codes, so let’s start with a brief explanation. QR codes are two-dimensional barcodes that can be read by QR scanners and smartphones. When a QR code is scanned, the device decodes the patterns of pixels into words, videos, audio clips, applications, or other information. So if you see a QR code while you’re out and about, go ahead and scan it to learn more! 

QR codes can be used in a variety of ways. You can use them to provide customers with a link to your Website, to your Facebook Page, or to a Coupon or Discount. You can also use QR codes to provide customers with specific information about your product or service.

An image of a QR Code with a map of the continent of the United States Of America


Are QR Codes Even Important To Your Real Estate Business?

Since their creation, QR Codes have been widely used in many different fields. They are used by the military, to track animals, and even to help those with vision problems (according to Vision Australia). There are many reasons that make using QR codes for real estate businesses important. 

During a June 2021 survey, (according to Statista) it was found that 45 percent of responding shoppers from the United States stated they had used a marketing-related QR code in the three months leading up to the survey. The share was highest among respondents aged 18 to 29. It was also found that 59 percent of respondents believed that QR codes would be a permanent part of using their mobile phones in the future — and that number is only going up.

Are There Any Benefits To Using QR Codes For Real Estate Businesses?

QR codes are quickly becoming one of the most popular ways for businesses to reach new customers. QR codes are a great marketing tool for businesses of all sizes, and the real estate industry is no exception. 

When driving around town, you’ll see them on storefronts, business cards, and other marketing materials. A large part of their value is that they’re so versatile and easily readable by smartphones. You can really impress customers with a simple scan. 

QR codes are a smart marketing tool that’s easy to implement. They generate leads and increase the number of people that know about and engage with your brand. QR codes are a type of interactive content that offers a direct route to digital marketing. QR codes can be printed in catalogs, magazines, and newspapers. You can even create a QR code that leads to a landing page for a lead magnet, directions to your office, or a featured listing. It doesn’t take long to start seeing the benefits of QR codes. There’s no reason why your business shouldn’t start using them today.

How Can Real Estate Businesses Use QR Codes?

Real estate businesses can use QR codes to connect with potential customers and promote their brands. If you’re a real estate agent looking to showcase your services, then you should definitely be using QR codes to attract new audiences. 

While traditional posters and print materials remain a part of the “Real-World” experience, QR codes allow real estate businesses to transport their clients from the real world to the cyber world. QR codes can be a bridge to the multitude of resource materials you’ve gathered for potential clients… 

There are many ideas on how real estate agents can use QR codes.

An image with the phrase - "Think Like There Is No Box"


TIP: Using a dynamic QR code allows you to keep your information updated without throwing away expensive printed marketing materials.

Real Estate Businesses Can Use QR Codes To:

Link to their Website, 

Link to their Facebook Page, 

Link customers with Information about their services, 

Link to Marketing Tools that reach customers in a new, interactive way, 

Link to a Coupon or a Discount code for a complimentary service or perk. 

A Real Estate Website:

If you have a real estate business and a website, you should have a QR code! It’s a fast, efficient, and technologically advanced way to market your business. A QR code can allow a customer to quickly find out more about your business.

For example, giving a customer information about your services is a great way to use a QR code, or you could use a QR code to send over a pre-listing package or a pre-appointment questionnaire hosted on your website. Alternatively, you could use a QR code on your business card that sends over a package with examples of listings you’ve worked on previously.

Image of a women with classes watching a website on a computer



A Facebook Page For Real Estate Agents:

Building a Facebook page for your business ensures your presence in the newsfeeds and timelines of your customers. It’s always a good idea to push your Facebook Page to your customers and entice them to engage and follow your updates. 

Most mobile devices include a QR Code reader application, and it’s easy to generate a code that is appropriately formatted for most mobile devices. It’s just a matter of adding the URL of your Facebook Page to any QR Code generator, and you’ll have a neat way of getting more people to look at your Facebook page.

Provide Information About Real Estate Services:

Smartphone cameras are almost in everyone’s pockets these days. With a simple “tap” on the screen, we can access an enormous amount of information in an instant. 

In today’s world, one of the most valuable tools is the QR code. Instead of typing a web address into one’s internet browser, QR codes allow access to whatever information you specify, a potential real estate client simply scans the QR code with the camera on their phone, and they’re transported to whatever information you select. 

A creative way to use the power of a QR code might be to allow anyone with a smartphone to access information about your real estate services, a list of featured listings, a specific luxury listing, or information detailing the features of the home they might be standing in front of, or on the marketing brochure which you mailed to their home.

Engage Your Visitors With Interactive Marketing:

The content on your QR code can move beyond simply promoting your business. If you’re looking for a way to engage your visitors, QR codes are the way to do it. We’ve seen some really creative uses of QR codes by real estate agents that involve their users in fun and interactive ways once they scan the code.

For example, let’s look at the business card of Virginia-based real estate agent Michael Brannon

Networking QR code for Michael Brannon Real Estate Professional

​​When users scan his QR code, they’re taken to his chatbot, where the user is greeted by his assistant Sasha and is asked a series of engaging questions. He mentioned using this particular QR code with outstanding results at networking events – he can gather information and entertain potential business partners during and after the event – long after his business card has gotten lost in the pile or the “circular filing cabinet.”

Amazing Real Estate Marketing Tools:

One fantastic thing about QR codes is their versatility as a marketing tool. Even the newest real estate agents can quickly reap the benefits of using QR codes. Some people may be skeptical, but it works. A QR code can help engage people by making your marketing interactive. You can easily create a “Home Personality” quiz with software by Interact, and utilize a QR code for potential home buyers to easily access it. Don’t forget to give them a Call-to-Action!

Do you want to give your customers a chance to get to know more about the real estate services that you provide? If so, you can use QR codes to host a quick marketing survey or even to get people to participate in a viral contest like the folks over at Sociamonials provide. Use my unique promo code – BTLG, to receive 10% off any subscription.

In addition to getting everyone involved, a QR code leading to a viral contest is a great way to get people talking about your real estate business. Using QR codes can provide a way to gain “screen time” through the eyes of prospective clientele.

An image with a QR Code representing a vacation contest

I have had a lot of success with QR codes myself having managed to use QR codes to attract new customers, they’re simple and inexpensive, and I encourage you to give it a try, too!

Discount Offers From A Real Estate Agent To A Client:

Like most real estate agents, you’re always trying to find ways to market your business cost-effectively and more efficiently. Everyone loves getting a discount, and providing customers with a discounted price for a service or product is a great way to incentivize returning clients or attract new ones. The benefit of using a QR code is that it allows you to quickly provide a discount to your customers.

A great way to use a QR code for discounts would be to make the code redeemable for a free ice cream cone from a local shop, a free appetizer from your favorite restaurant, or perhaps provide “VIP Clients” with a free home staging consultation or tickets to a sporting event. 

A man holding a mint chocolate chip ice cream cup and a chocolate ice cream cone


No doubt, QR codes can be a particularly compelling part of a real estate marketing strategy – it gives your customers a perk for accepting information about your business, and you get priceless marketing. The possibilities are endless.

TIP: Create and use dynamic QR codes to gain information about the customers who scan your QR codes.

Wrapping Things Up

One of the best ways to be seen in the real estate industry today is with interactive content. With a QR code, you can make your brand stick without even trying. And the best part is that it’s a smart passive strategy. While it’s true that you can literally create a QR code for every single thing in your office, that’s probably a bit much. Just think about whether or not your unique selling point is worth sharing. On the other hand, if you do want to share something specific, then a QR code is the perfect way to do it!

For more details on QR codes and how to make one, click the link to launch the interactive guide and watch how easy it is to create interactive marketing materials for your real estate business.

Image of "Step One" for creating a QR Code with Etch Encoder


We can’t wait to see you start using interactive content to market your business!


Whether you are a small business, a real estate agent, or a prominent business owner, using QR codes for business is here to stay. In fact, it is a trend that is only growing in popularity. The question is, how can you use QR codes to attract new clients, drive business, and expand your reach? By being creative and interactive with your customers. Here at Titus Media Solutions, we know that QR codes for companies can be used to reach a broad audience. By using QR codes on your business cards, print ads, billboards, and even social media, you can generate new leads and business opportunities.

As we mentioned before, QR codes are being utilized in many different ways. With the right software, you can include QR codes in your marketing materials, online advertisements, and business cards. 

TIP: Check out Etch Encoder to create interactive QR codes to help your real estate business reach new clients. 

A QR Code to

We’re excited to feature this article on the blog because we know how important it is for real estate businesses to reach new customers cost-effectively. We hope you can utilize this information and gain new customers using QR codes. Thank you for reading and for using QR codes in your business.

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